A little bit of swatching, not much progress.

I was hoping to share with you my completed swatches for Rogue, but, sadly, I was mistaken.

Knitting Basket
My knitting basket. Sadly full of unknit yarn. And pattern.

I decided, after thinking it over, that I was going to rip apart my nearly complete Samus and make Rogue. Why? I don't quite know myself. So I grabbed a spare ball of the super-soft merino I was using for Samus, and started swatching.

The pattern suggests anywhere from a US5 to a US8 to get gauge – 4.5 sts/inch. I reach for my US6s, but settle for the US7s that are closest to me. I knit up a swatch, love the fabric – but the gauge? 5.25 sts/inch. Way too small for the sweater. Since the pattern suggests making swatches in the round and flat, I think – well, maybe it will be right in the round. Nope – it's nearly 6 sts/inch (I knew it would be smaller. Wishful thinking).

But alas, it is my bedtime, so I will put the swatching away for now and continue tomorrow.

Jaywalkers Progress
Progress on Jaywalker 2, my train knitting. Hoping to finish it by the end of my week!


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