One pile of yarn is just like another.

After an evening of swatching into the early morning, and a post awakening measurements and a bit of calculations: Rogue in that merino was just not meant to be.

Samus, knit on US8s, has a gauge of 4.75 sts/inch. And I don't even like how loose that fabric feels. I tend to like a bit of a denser knit, I suppose. I looked up the ball-band gauge of the yarn on Elann – and it's 4.5 sts/inch. On the reccomended needle size of US9s-10s.

Huh. I had never even contemplated going that large with the needles. I don't think I'm going to go up a needle size and swatch – I don't really like the look of the fabric on the US8s, and I wanted the Rogue sweater to be a little tougher, and wear well. And super-soft merino on US9s or 10s is not going to cut it, I think.

After contemplation, I think I will abbandon one pile of yarn for another.

This was my first sweater. Oh, Rosedale. How I loved thee.

Why did I rip it apart? Why do I seem to have this pattern of destroying sweaters I seemingly love?

Well, it was a little too small. Also, I could never get the edges not to roll. And I didn't want to put in a zipper. So what did I do? Rip.

I'm going to make it into Rosedale United. Yes, the same sweater. But a pullover. I've never knit a pullover before. I ripped this sweater apart last year – and I think I'll actually start doing something with it, and not just sigh and stare at it. The best part? Since it's the base of the same raglan, I can use the same sleeves!

I already started. I forgot how much I love Kureyon! This is colorway 88.

Sock progress? Ah,not much.  If I want to finish this sock up by Monday evening, I better get knitting!

Didn't do much on the Jaywalkers today. Here they are, waiting for the train home with me. That green knit thing is my iPod in its cozy.


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