It’s the weekend!

Well, it was for me at least, as I have off on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I knit a lot of Rosedale United, and am now a full 10 inches into the body.  Unfortunately, my digital camera’s batteries are dead and need to be charged overnight, so the only picture I have is from yesterday.

Rosedale and Dan
Pullover sweater or pretty little hat? You decide.

Since I knit the cardigan version of this sweater two years ago, I’ve learned a lot about knitting.  Like what matched decreases look like.  And how to ‘make one’ (for a long time, the only increase I knew was to knit into the front and back of a stitch).  Hence the waist shaping of Rosedale United are looking a lot more together and smooth than the Rosedale Un-United were.  Also, since I had steamed the hell out of the sweater in a vain attempt to get the front from curling, the Kureyon is all slightly felted – which makes it a bit hard to spit and splice for joining balls, but gives the whole sweater a slightly denser look that I’m loving.

I’ll save the rest of my analysis for when I can accompany it with pictures.  I’ve still got a few hours of weekend left before my Monday (your Thursday) gets underway, and I have some commuting socks to get started on 😉


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