I posted this in a LiveJournal community, but I thought I’d put it out in the blog-world, too.

  • Seven skeins of Lion-Brand Cotton-Ease in ‘Pistachio.’ Three of the skeins have labels – three have been knit from and reballed. All same dye-lot. I checked.
  • Two skeins of Lion-Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in ‘Fisherman.’ New with labels.
  • Two skeins of Lion-Brand Landscapes in ‘Autumn Trail.’ New with labels.
  • Two skeins of Koigu PPPM in ‘P102.’ Pinky-purpley-greeny.

    Koigu! Color is accurate on my monitor.

  • If you’re into stripey socks, I also have a few assorted balls of self-patterning sock yarn (some KnitPicks Simply Stripes, some Regia Jaquard). Some have been knit from, some don’t have labels, but all are there. Very grab-baggy. I’ll throw them in with something else, if you’d like. I keep on thinking I’m going to start knitting socks, and then it just doesn’t work out for me.
  • I also had a few cones of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky that are now balled. A large ball of Tahiti Teal (I would estimate it at least 200 yards, probably more) and aprox. 100 yards of Oregano (still on cone, would probably ball it to ship). [Pls note that I am estimating the yardage here – I’m trying to be a bit generous, but I don’t have an accurate quick way to measure them.] Color chart is here.

    Tahiti Teal and Oregano Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Poland Spring bottle is for size comparision. Color is accurate on my monitor

All yarn is from a smoke-free/cat-friendly home.

What would I like? Almost anything heavy-worsted weight (knit on US10-11s, like Wool-Ease Chunky, Manos del Uruguay, etc – but not more Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The mohair makes me itch like crazy). Soft yarn for this hat. KnitPicks gift-certificates.



I had this hosted on my old blog, so I might as well move it over here, too.

This was my attempt at a Knitty submission a few years back. It’s not brain surgery, but sometimes you need a little push to do something different with your knitting. Like.. leave off the entire top of the hat so your hair can poke through.


Psst.. want it in *.pdf? It’s right here. 

by Jessie Blum

I always wear my hair up – and unless I want a rather unfashionable lump underneath my stocking cap, my head remains cold and slightly damp. The answer? A warm wool hat somewhere between a cap and a headband. Slight shaping at the top ensures a snug fit, and it keeps not only your ears warm, but most of your head as well. And the best part? Your pony-tail is free!

Knit it in your favorite worsted weight yarn, though wool would be the warmest. The colors of Noro Kureyon make the hat fun and different than every other striped hat this winter.

The only hard part is keeping the pattern when decreasing – just make sure that you’re knitting the purls and purling the knits to keep the seed stitch going. The cap stretches a lot – make it an inch or so smaller than your own head circumference for a good fit.




Adult S [M, L]

Circumference: 18.5 [20, 21.5]


  • Noro Kureyon [100% wool; 100/m per 50g skein]; color: #95; 1 skein
  • 1 set US #7/4.5mm double-point needles
  • 1 16-inch US #7/4.5mm circular needle
  • 1 US #9/5.5mm needle (for casting off)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers


18 sts/30 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch, on US #7


Bottom Band

CO 77[84, 91] sts, join, and PM. Work in seed st for 1.75 inches.


Switch to St st. Work 2.75 inches in St st.

Top Band

Switch back to seed st. PM every 11[12, 13] sts Work in seed st for 1 inch.


Decrease Rounds

During decrease rounds, switch to DPNs, if necessary.

Work decrease rounds as follows:

*In seed stitch, work to 2 sts before marker. K2tog, pass marker. Repeat from * through round.

Knit one round in seed stitch.

Repeat these two rounds a total of 4 times – 49[56, 63] sts on needle.

BO loosely, in pattern, using US9 needle. Weave in all ends, put your hair up, and go brave the storm.

Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Jessie Blum

Not destined to knit socks?

This morning, exasperated by a full day of knitting and ripping, trying to start something resembling a sock, I pulled a new skein of sock yarn out of my stash and decided to start a new sock. I took a skein of KnitPick’s Simply Stripes yarn that I got through a swap last year, and figured, ‘Hey, if I use self-patterning yarn I can just knit the sock in stockinette and be happy!’

Which saves me from the sadness of my lack of lace sock knitting.

I decided to go with US2s, sorted through my Crystal Palace needles, carefully choosing five US2 needles (they were mixed in with the US3s), and swatched on my way to work.

Gauge swatch at the train station. I did both in the round and flat, for good measure.

I got a very nice 8sts/inch, did some math, and just sat down to cast on 68 sts (evenly divided to 17 per needle).

And realized I had the wrong needles. I had 3 US3s and 1 US2 and had somehow lost a needle along the way. I don’t know which ones I did the swatch on. I don’t have the patience to knit another swatch at the moment. I’m beginning to think I’m sock cursed.

Lace on blunt needles?

Never a good idea.

Isn’t twisted rib pretty?

I decided to go for Pomatomus [lace socks from Winter 05 Knitty]. I got through the twisted rib (hard! mostly because it looks sort of icky for a few rows), and got into the lace. And my Crystal Palace DPNs were just not made for this. I put the cuff aside for a few days, and ordered some sharper needles.

KnitPicks DPNS. Like little daggers.

And they worked great! It was easy to knit through the back loop, even when I was knitting two together. They didn’t give me a headache with their annoying metal-against-metal sound. I was two rounds into the lace pattern, and everything was right with the world.

Except I looked down for a second, and then forgot where I was. Even though I was using a post-it to keep track, and I was only on the second row.

Lace knitting on small DPNs was just not meant to be as easy put-it-down-and-pick-it-back-up with me. Especially with my faux-dyslexia.

So, again, the socks are on hold. I knit a gauge swatch on my train ride home last night, and got 9 sts/inch on those little sharp DPNs. So I think I’m going to just start knitting a basic sock. ‘Cause I keep on falling asleep on my commute with nothing to knit.

gauge swatch
With quarter, and gauge calculations.

Lose something?

I couldn’t find my iPod cozy this morning. Instead of looking for it very hard, I made a new one while I was at work today. It’s in some Artfiber’s silk/merino blend I got two summers ago from the Snob Stash Redistribution Project. I added in a braided cable for a bit of texture, and finished it just as I was about to leave work today. Good timing!

Color not too true, but the cables are that subtle.

Colors are more true. I added a little i-cord with a tassel – that’s the thing a the top.

As luck will have it, when I got home and started working on Rosedale, I found my original cozy. Now I have another, I guess!

Here’s the Rosedale progress.

Pile of Kureyon!! [See that light green thing under the sweater? Uhm, that’s the formerly lost iPod cozy]

I’m nearly done with the increases for the waist shaping, and if I get some time this evening, I should be ready to put it all together and begin the raglan decreases. Exciting!

I’m doing much better with the intarsia this time around (this is my third Rosedale, first United). Here’s a close up of the intarsia from a few days ago.

Look how nice and neat!

On both previous cardigans, I had to go back in and tighten up the connection, fill in holes, and generally make it look less like crap. I’m always making sure to twist my yarn at the change, and pull those first few stitches a little extra tight, and it’s really paying off. I’m going to have to darn a few holes, but they’re all when starting a new patch – so the ends need to be woven in anyway.