Lose something?

I couldn’t find my iPod cozy this morning. Instead of looking for it very hard, I made a new one while I was at work today. It’s in some Artfiber’s silk/merino blend I got two summers ago from the Snob Stash Redistribution Project. I added in a braided cable for a bit of texture, and finished it just as I was about to leave work today. Good timing!

Color not too true, but the cables are that subtle.

Colors are more true. I added a little i-cord with a tassel – that’s the thing a the top.

As luck will have it, when I got home and started working on Rosedale, I found my original cozy. Now I have another, I guess!

Here’s the Rosedale progress.

Pile of Kureyon!! [See that light green thing under the sweater? Uhm, that’s the formerly lost iPod cozy]

I’m nearly done with the increases for the waist shaping, and if I get some time this evening, I should be ready to put it all together and begin the raglan decreases. Exciting!

I’m doing much better with the intarsia this time around (this is my third Rosedale, first United). Here’s a close up of the intarsia from a few days ago.

Look how nice and neat!

On both previous cardigans, I had to go back in and tighten up the connection, fill in holes, and generally make it look less like crap. I’m always making sure to twist my yarn at the change, and pull those first few stitches a little extra tight, and it’s really paying off. I’m going to have to darn a few holes, but they’re all when starting a new patch – so the ends need to be woven in anyway.


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