Lace on blunt needles?

Never a good idea.

Isn’t twisted rib pretty?

I decided to go for Pomatomus [lace socks from Winter 05 Knitty]. I got through the twisted rib (hard! mostly because it looks sort of icky for a few rows), and got into the lace. And my Crystal Palace DPNs were just not made for this. I put the cuff aside for a few days, and ordered some sharper needles.

KnitPicks DPNS. Like little daggers.

And they worked great! It was easy to knit through the back loop, even when I was knitting two together. They didn’t give me a headache with their annoying metal-against-metal sound. I was two rounds into the lace pattern, and everything was right with the world.

Except I looked down for a second, and then forgot where I was. Even though I was using a post-it to keep track, and I was only on the second row.

Lace knitting on small DPNs was just not meant to be as easy put-it-down-and-pick-it-back-up with me. Especially with my faux-dyslexia.

So, again, the socks are on hold. I knit a gauge swatch on my train ride home last night, and got 9 sts/inch on those little sharp DPNs. So I think I’m going to just start knitting a basic sock. ‘Cause I keep on falling asleep on my commute with nothing to knit.

gauge swatch
With quarter, and gauge calculations.


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