Not destined to knit socks?

This morning, exasperated by a full day of knitting and ripping, trying to start something resembling a sock, I pulled a new skein of sock yarn out of my stash and decided to start a new sock. I took a skein of KnitPick’s Simply Stripes yarn that I got through a swap last year, and figured, ‘Hey, if I use self-patterning yarn I can just knit the sock in stockinette and be happy!’

Which saves me from the sadness of my lack of lace sock knitting.

I decided to go with US2s, sorted through my Crystal Palace needles, carefully choosing five US2 needles (they were mixed in with the US3s), and swatched on my way to work.

Gauge swatch at the train station. I did both in the round and flat, for good measure.

I got a very nice 8sts/inch, did some math, and just sat down to cast on 68 sts (evenly divided to 17 per needle).

And realized I had the wrong needles. I had 3 US3s and 1 US2 and had somehow lost a needle along the way. I don’t know which ones I did the swatch on. I don’t have the patience to knit another swatch at the moment. I’m beginning to think I’m sock cursed.


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  1. Oh. That makes me sad. Socks should only be good, happy experiences. I hope you stick with it and start again. Those are very pretty colors and I think they’ll make great socks.

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