I posted this in a LiveJournal community, but I thought I’d put it out in the blog-world, too.

  • Seven skeins of Lion-Brand Cotton-Ease in ‘Pistachio.’ Three of the skeins have labels – three have been knit from and reballed. All same dye-lot. I checked.
  • Two skeins of Lion-Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in ‘Fisherman.’ New with labels.
  • Two skeins of Lion-Brand Landscapes in ‘Autumn Trail.’ New with labels.
  • Two skeins of Koigu PPPM in ‘P102.’ Pinky-purpley-greeny.

    Koigu! Color is accurate on my monitor.

  • If you’re into stripey socks, I also have a few assorted balls of self-patterning sock yarn (some KnitPicks Simply Stripes, some Regia Jaquard). Some have been knit from, some don’t have labels, but all are there. Very grab-baggy. I’ll throw them in with something else, if you’d like. I keep on thinking I’m going to start knitting socks, and then it just doesn’t work out for me.
  • I also had a few cones of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky that are now balled. A large ball of Tahiti Teal (I would estimate it at least 200 yards, probably more) and aprox. 100 yards of Oregano (still on cone, would probably ball it to ship). [Pls note that I am estimating the yardage here – I’m trying to be a bit generous, but I don’t have an accurate quick way to measure them.] Color chart is here.

    Tahiti Teal and Oregano Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Poland Spring bottle is for size comparision. Color is accurate on my monitor

All yarn is from a smoke-free/cat-friendly home.

What would I like? Almost anything heavy-worsted weight (knit on US10-11s, like Wool-Ease Chunky, Manos del Uruguay, etc – but not more Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The mohair makes me itch like crazy). Soft yarn for this hat. KnitPicks gift-certificates.


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