Feeling Violet Mitts

Another pattern I had over on my old knitting blog that I’m transferring over here. They are ribbed mitts knit with super soft merino at a tight gauge, for my roommate. Alas, I never finished them (it’s still a sore subject with her), but I had a request for the pattern last year, so here it is.

Yarn: Laines Du Nord Dolly Maxi in ‘Pale Lilac. – Aurora 8 would be a perfect sub, if you don’t have the Elann yarn hanging around. 2 skeins.

These stretch a lot.

Needles: I used Clover 8″ US4 circs. DPNs would work, too.

Gauge: 9 sts = 1 inch in 2×2 rib UNSTRETCHED

CO 52 sts. PM [Marker 1] & join, being careful not to twist stitches.

Work in 2×2 rib for 2.5 inches.

Separate palm and hand:
PM as follows, working in rib:
Work 26 sts, PM [Marker 2], work 6 sts, PM [Marker 3], work 14 sts, PM [Marker 4], work remaining 6 sts.

Note: You’re dividing the palm from the hand stitches here. The first 26 stitches are going to be the ones on your palm – the second half will be the ones on the outside of your hand.

In addition, you’re marking where the cable is going to be – centered on the hand of the mitts.

Set up cable:
Note: The cable is working in between Marker 3 and Marker 4. For all cable instructions, work all other stitches in 2×2 rib, as established.

Row 1: p1, k12, p1.
Row 2: p1, k12, p1.
Row 3: p1, C6B, C6F, p1.
Row 4: p1, k12, p1.
Row 5: p1, k12, p1.
Row 6: p1, k12, p1.

Work until the mitt is about the length you would like it to be at the base of the thumb (depends how long you’d like them).

*Alternatively, if you have the knowledge and plan ahead, go ahead and make a thumb gusset at the appropriate place. I got distracted – I meant to do the gussett.*

Round 1: Work in pattern to 6 sts before Marker 2. BO 6 sts (remove Marker 2 when you get to it). Work remaining round in pattern.
Round 2: Work to gap made by BO of sts. CO 6 sts over this gap (I like to use the knitted on technique here, but you could also just put a firm backwards loop there).

Finish Cable:
After the next Row 6 of cable, do not continue with cable – go back to 2×2 rib.

Top & Finishing:
Continue to work in 2×2 rib for another 2 inches (try on the mitt – it should be when it hits the base of your index finger).

BO loosely, in pattern.

Weave in ends.

Same, except work thumb 6 sts before Marker 1.

2×2 rib:
*k2, p2. Repeat from * around for every row.

Note: If you want your mitt to look just like the one in the pattern, it’s important to start your 2×2 rib with knit. If you start with the purl, your cable will have a thinner reverse stockinette border (1 stitch instead of 3).

Worked over 6 sts.
Slip 3 sts to CN and hold to back of work, k3, k3 sts off of CN.

Worked over 6 sts.
Slip 3 sts to CN and hold to front of work, k3, k3 sts off of CN.


3 Responses

  1. How pretty! Thanks for posting this. Those are some lovely cables.

  2. I love this pattern! Would you mind putting it on Ravelry? (I’ll put it up, if you prefer, or are not on that site, and obviously give you credit as the designer.)

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much.
    (I didn’t mean to step on your toes).

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