Bye for now, Multi-Directional Scarf

Pretty, isn’t it?  That’s a close up of the multi-directional scarf I’ve been knitting.

It’s being pushed aside, though for a moment, for a few reasons.  I have a huge paper due next week, so I have to do some reading and note taking and writing.  And I have so much holiday knitting to do that it’s getting a little ridiculous.

See those books under it?  I’m supposed to be reading those.

I’m using Paton’s Classic Merino in one of their multicolored colorways (I think it is ‘Good Earth’).  It might just be my imagination, but it’s knitting up a little softer than Paton’s Merino usually feels to me.  I’m working it on US10s, which is larger than the US7s that Paton reccomends on the ballband.  That’s cause I’m going to slightly felt it once I’m done (I just love how this yarn feels when it’s felted).

I got four skeins, which I think will be good for the scarf and a matching hat (hopefully – I do like my scarves long).

It’s been fun, multi-directional scarf.  Now, unless you can help me write my paper or knit my mom’s afghan… I’ll see you on Dec 26.


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  1. Thanks for your comment about my Lady E. And I love your multidirectional. I’m a colour addict,

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