There’s nothing like…

Some two color-ribbing and blog reading to wake you up in the morning.

Steve Jobs supervises.

That’s Paton’s SWS in ‘Good Earth’ and LionBrand Wool-Ease in ‘Delft,’ if you were wondering. It’s destined to be a Fake-Isle hat. I threw in some two color ribbing because I’m crazy.

Suprisingly, I’m not hating the corrugated ribbing. My only problem is that SWS makes a kind of ugly cast on. And it’s curling a lot (to be expected, though). I hope a good blocking will help when I’m finished (let me live in my fantasy world where Wool-Ease will block out. I need something).

Did you finish your holiday knitting? I almost did.


Third time’s the charm.

I finished the hat!

And then I ripped it out.

Then I finished it again!

Then I ripped it out.

Then I really finished it!


So, I decided I wanted to put a hole in the top for my hair, since it was a bulky hat, and I always wear my hair up. I did something akin to my Phoebe hat – just decreased eight stitches once, and then knit in 1×1 rib for a few rows. I cast off, and it just looked silly. The ribbing didn’t lie flat on my head, as I hadn’t decreased enough, and it was really bulky.


I decided to do a standard decreased top (I decreased every six stiches, then every five, etc, every other row until there were only eight or so left), but I also made an ‘afterthought pony-tail hole.’ After one or two decrease rows, when the hat was about at pony-tail level, I knit eight stitches onto a piece of waste yarn. When I finished, I pulled it out, put those stitches on DPNs, and knit a two rows before casting off. Perfect.

Except I’m delusional and used US5 DPNs, and it was WAY too small to get my hair through. I have a lot of hair.


I picked the stitches up with US10.5 DPNs this time, and made sure to pick up extra stitches at the corners for the obligatory picking up stitches gaps. I knit two or so rows, and cast off.


Just enough for me to stick my fingers in to pull my hair out. The perfect level. And it’s SO WARM.

I’m totally making coordinating mittens.

Bye, Multi-Directional Scarf.

Yesterday, while waiting for my train, I ripped out my multi-directional scarf.


‘Cause I’m crazy.

I decided, after seeing this post over in the Knitty LJ community [the second hat – scroll down], that I wanted to do something simliar. I grabbed the pile of Paton’s Classic Merino that followed me home from AC Moore the other evening, and dove in.

I used Leaf Green as the MC and Good Earth [the yarn from the multi-directional scarf] as the CC. I double-stranded it on US10s, and CO 80 stitches. Knit in 1×1 rib for a little while (like… four rows? five rows? maybe). Knit one row in the MC.

I’m using this chart [it’s a *.pdf, just FYI], and, like the inspirational hat, knitting the chart once up, and then once from the top down. Since the motif is 20 stitches across, I got four repeats in there.

When I took the picture, I had finished one full motif, and had started the second, knit from the top down. It was also 2am. I couldn’t stop knitting.

The little note card is my cheat sheet for the pattern, so I could knit it while I was commuting this morning.

I can’t decide if I want to leave a hole at the top for my hair to poke through or not. I still have a few rounds of the motif to get through before I decide.

It was good commuter knitting.

The pattern in the bag is for Knitty’s Manly Mittens. I’m contemplating making matching mittens, using the Leaf Green and Good Earth. We’ll see.

15 pages!

FO: Center Square

Shouldn’t I be writing my paper? Or, at the least, working on some holiday knitting?

Well.. I finally finished something for the holidays!

[I’ve actually already finished two scarves and one felted bag… I just have a few more projects to go].

This is for my stepsister. She requested a black and white striped hat back over the summer. This isn’t striped, but it’s black and white.

It’s Center Square from the brand spankin’ new Winter 06 Knitty. I saw it this morning and thought “That’s the perfect hat for her.” Since it’s knit with a double strand of Paton’s Classic Merino, it’s soft, warm, cushy, cheap, and knits up FAST. I started this at about 9.30pm, and it’s now 12.32pm and I’ve had dinner, finished it, woven in the ends, and taken and uploaded pictures. FAST.

This was also my first time doing fair-isle/two color knitting. I think it came out pretty well. My tension was pretty easily maintained throughout the project (the funny looking white poking through in the two modeled pictures are really the flash acting weird, and not my tension).

I’m a little in love. And since it just needs two skeins of Paton’s (or any worsted weight yarn…), the color combinations are endless!

Hmm… I might need a new hat.

AFTER my paper is done (I’ve got 12.5 pages of 20 so far!).


Slowly, slowly, as I procrastinate and try to pretend I don’t have ten + pages left to write by next Tuesday… the scarf grows.  Here are two pictures – a nice close-up, and one of us sitting together at the train station on my way to work.

At this rate, I’ll probably finish it as soon as the snow starts to thaw…