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    When was seventeen, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. I looked up directions online, got really excited, and ran downstairs to find my mother and inform her of my plans.

    She looked at me, sighed, and said, 'Why can't you go out and get drunk, like a normal seventeen year old?'

    I'm still yarn obsessed.

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FO: Center Square

Shouldn’t I be writing my paper? Or, at the least, working on some holiday knitting?

Well.. I finally finished something for the holidays!

[I’ve actually already finished two scarves and one felted bag… I just have a few more projects to go].

This is for my stepsister. She requested a black and white striped hat back over the summer. This isn’t striped, but it’s black and white.

It’s Center Square from the brand spankin’ new Winter 06 Knitty. I saw it this morning and thought “That’s the perfect hat for her.” Since it’s knit with a double strand of Paton’s Classic Merino, it’s soft, warm, cushy, cheap, and knits up FAST. I started this at about 9.30pm, and it’s now 12.32pm and I’ve had dinner, finished it, woven in the ends, and taken and uploaded pictures. FAST.

This was also my first time doing fair-isle/two color knitting. I think it came out pretty well. My tension was pretty easily maintained throughout the project (the funny looking white poking through in the two modeled pictures are really the flash acting weird, and not my tension).

I’m a little in love. And since it just needs two skeins of Paton’s (or any worsted weight yarn…), the color combinations are endless!

Hmm… I might need a new hat.

AFTER my paper is done (I’ve got 12.5 pages of 20 so far!).


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