Bye, Multi-Directional Scarf.

Yesterday, while waiting for my train, I ripped out my multi-directional scarf.


‘Cause I’m crazy.

I decided, after seeing this post over in the Knitty LJ community [the second hat – scroll down], that I wanted to do something simliar. I grabbed the pile of Paton’s Classic Merino that followed me home from AC Moore the other evening, and dove in.

I used Leaf Green as the MC and Good Earth [the yarn from the multi-directional scarf] as the CC. I double-stranded it on US10s, and CO 80 stitches. Knit in 1×1 rib for a little while (like… four rows? five rows? maybe). Knit one row in the MC.

I’m using this chart [it’s a *.pdf, just FYI], and, like the inspirational hat, knitting the chart once up, and then once from the top down. Since the motif is 20 stitches across, I got four repeats in there.

When I took the picture, I had finished one full motif, and had started the second, knit from the top down. It was also 2am. I couldn’t stop knitting.

The little note card is my cheat sheet for the pattern, so I could knit it while I was commuting this morning.

I can’t decide if I want to leave a hole at the top for my hair to poke through or not. I still have a few rounds of the motif to get through before I decide.

It was good commuter knitting.

The pattern in the bag is for Knitty’s Manly Mittens. I’m contemplating making matching mittens, using the Leaf Green and Good Earth. We’ll see.

15 pages!


2 Responses

  1. 🙂 I like the green. Someone tried to teach me how to do this once, and all I got was a fuzzy purple lump/scarf sitting in the back of a drawer for three months. No patience. Anyway, the hat looks nice!

  2. I like it a lot! I’ve been wanting a quick and easy knit to distract me from finals, maybe I need to make something like this.

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