Third time’s the charm.

I finished the hat!

And then I ripped it out.

Then I finished it again!

Then I ripped it out.

Then I really finished it!


So, I decided I wanted to put a hole in the top for my hair, since it was a bulky hat, and I always wear my hair up. I did something akin to my Phoebe hat – just decreased eight stitches once, and then knit in 1×1 rib for a few rows. I cast off, and it just looked silly. The ribbing didn’t lie flat on my head, as I hadn’t decreased enough, and it was really bulky.


I decided to do a standard decreased top (I decreased every six stiches, then every five, etc, every other row until there were only eight or so left), but I also made an ‘afterthought pony-tail hole.’ After one or two decrease rows, when the hat was about at pony-tail level, I knit eight stitches onto a piece of waste yarn. When I finished, I pulled it out, put those stitches on DPNs, and knit a two rows before casting off. Perfect.

Except I’m delusional and used US5 DPNs, and it was WAY too small to get my hair through. I have a lot of hair.


I picked the stitches up with US10.5 DPNs this time, and made sure to pick up extra stitches at the corners for the obligatory picking up stitches gaps. I knit two or so rows, and cast off.


Just enough for me to stick my fingers in to pull my hair out. The perfect level. And it’s SO WARM.

I’m totally making coordinating mittens.


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