FO: Fake-Isle Hat & A Day in the Life of a Sweater Project

FO: Fake-Isle Hat

Here it is! The long-awaited Fake-Isle Hat.  I love it.  It’s warm and I wear it all the time.
Non-guts and guts.

I subed that two-color pattern that is from and I used on my ‘Verterosa” hat.  I stuck in some corrugated ribbing and didn’t rip it out or kill myself.  It’s warm and I wear it all the time.  It uses Paton’s SWS in ‘Natural Earth’ as the MC and some light blue Wool-Ease as the CC.  Of course, didn’t use the full ball of either yarns.

 A Day in the Life of a Sweater Project

I started this sweater yesterday.  My challenge?  To take a picture of it every morning and chronicle the progress.  Let’s see how long I last.

I’m using EZ’s basic seamless percentage system with some info from “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.”

I’m using Paton’s Classic Merino in ‘Leaf Green’ on 7s. As suggested in “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns,” I attempted a hemmed edge for the sleeve. I thought my US5s DPNs were 6s, though, and the contrasting hem (knit in PCM ‘Good Earth’) is a little tight, which leads to strong line between the edging and the actual sleeve. I like it for the sleeves, but I’ll attempt something a bit more subtle for the body.

I didn’t measure gauge before hand, and went by the suggested gauge on the ballband of the yarn – that’s why I knit a sleeve first (because if the sleeve was a little too big or a little too small, I’d be OK). Luckily, by some crazy dumb luck, I got the exact same gauge as suggested – 5 stitches = 1 inch. So I’m chugging along quite well.

I also have the other sleeve facing already done – I didn’t have the PCM in the MC until I got to work yesterday, and I found I could knit two hem facings in one commute. So that’s set aside for sleeve #2.

Special blog bonus: picture of the sleeve in progress at work yesterday.  You can see the contrasting hem really well.


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  1. that hat is beautiful! love it.

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