Day 2 & 3

Day 002.

Doesn’t look much different. I’m done with the sleeve increases, and I switched over to some circular needles, which enables the endless stockinette to be a little easier. Also, I can pick it up and put it down a lot more easily (I have a thing about finishing one needle when I’m working with DPNs before I put it down. Actually, I have a thing about finishing a row any time I’m working on knitting something before putting it down).

Day 003.

Still working on the circs. I probably would have been done, but I decided to put a new cuff on. Why? I just don’t know. I used DPNs to carefully pick up the loops just above the old cuff, and then chopped it off. I knit down in the PCM for about twelve rows, knit a turning row, and switched to my US5 DPNs and some beautifully soft Malabrigo in ‘Emerald Blue.’ I knit for about twelve rows, then carefully tacked the live stitches down inside (This picture from Grumperina’s website helped me learn how to sew down the live stitches). Voila. A much more even, much softer hem facing.


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