The Boyfriend asked me for a sweater.

I’ve tried it before. I’m not a crazy person, but for a very long time, I believed in that dumb sweater curse.

Mostly because it happened to me. I started knitting my ex-boyfriend a sweater, and we broke up.

Yes, we had broken up twice before that. And yes, there were a lot of other problems. But still. SWEATER! And BREAK UP!

But Dan asked me to knit him a sweater. A cardigan, with cables on the sleeves and near the button bands. And, uhm, well, I won’t get into the major issues of my last relationship, but I’ll just say that my relationship with Dan is much, much healthier and happier. Much. A lot.

Anyway. Sweater.

Here’s my sketch. You can see the notes on it, too. I wanted to knit it seamless in the round, but I don’t think the yarn I plan on using or my skills are up for steeking (I was planning on using a heavy worsted weight to light bulky). I’m going to use ribs to shape the sides a little bit, and have a more complicated cable (he loved the Durrow cable from Magknits) on the arms. I don’t know if I’m going to do raglan shaping, or set in sleeves yet. And I don’t quite know how to shape the neck.

But I like it. I need to make some measurements now.


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  1. I would go with the raglan shaping if you can manage it. Personally, I hate having to piece things together in the end and I think raglan sleeves are more shapely. I like your sketch of the sweater-to-be.

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