Two sweater updates.

I’m knitting fourteen million sweaters in progress.  Here are two of them.

This is Jack’s Aran Cardigan, from Men In Knits.  It’s knit out of Cascade Eco-Wool, in a teal color.  I’m using US9s, and it’s knitting up suprisingly quickly for a huge aran cardigan.  I love how it is knitting up, the Eco-Wool is suprisingly soft, and it’s the perfect sweater for Dan.  He requested, as you may remember, a cardigan with cables.  He wants pockets, too, but I don’t know if I am going to throw those in there yet.  He’s very picky about his knits – he doesn’t like stuff knit on large needles, he really likes ribbing, he doesn’t like any holes that he could accidentally poke his toes or fingers through.  I’m a little worried about the sweater, but I love it, so if he doesn’t wear it… I will!

It’s a bit hard to tell in that photo, but you can see my favorite thing for reading cable charts: color coding.  I grab some markers, pens, or highlighters, and I color in the cables and the keys.  I can’t tell my right from my left, and sometimes it is hard for me to immediately recognize which way a cable is leaning in chart form.  It’s must easier for me to associate the colors, and it makes cable knitting not a pain in the ass (along with cabling without a cable needle).

Another sweater I’ve been working on is a simple custom fit E. Zimmerman’s raglan in Paton’s Classic Merino, with hem facing in oh-so-soft Emerald Blue Malabrigo.  I want to live in Malabrigo.

You may remember this from my (sadly, now defunct) “A Day in the Life of a Sweater” photo-series.  Obviously, I have no attention span.

I’ve finished both of the sleeves, and have been dawdling along on the body for months now.  I get bored by the endless stockinette, and I just let it sit, picking it up when it’s near me and I have time for a few stitches.  I haven’t decided what kind of shaping I’m going to do at the top of the sweater (traditional raglan?  seamless hybrid? oh, the endless Zimmerman choices).

Now I will return to my Wednesday afternoon tradition: DIY and HGTV on the DVR, blog-catching up, and knitting in bed.  My favorite!


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