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    When was seventeen, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. I looked up directions online, got really excited, and ran downstairs to find my mother and inform her of my plans.

    She looked at me, sighed, and said, 'Why can't you go out and get drunk, like a normal seventeen year old?'

    I'm still yarn obsessed.

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I like yarn.

I have a serious yarn problem. But who doesn’t?

Hand-Dying Experiments.

I’ve been dying yarn over the past few days, and am very happy with my results.

Self-Striping Yarn (Hand Dyed)

This is on Paton’s Classic Merino, using Wilton’s Icing Dyes. It’s my attempt at self-striping yarn, and it kind of succeeded, as can be seen in this feather and fan scarf beginnings.

Self-Striping Feather and Fan Scarf

The purple was a cool accident – I had been trying for moss green and grey-blue with runs of white in between them, but the blue I used had a lot of red in it. The red moved into the yarn first, along with a bit of the blue, creating that cool purple. The sky blue are the remaining white parts that I put in the dye pot after all of the red had been absorbed from the grey-blue. The runs are really, really short (I wound the skein the length of my bedroom, which just isn’t very big), but I think it was an excellent first try. LOVE that green.

Hand-Dyed Yarn

These skeins are orphan skeins of some LionBrand Fisherman’s Wool and KnitPick’s Wool of the Andes that I dyed with Country Classic Dyes. The three on the left were white to begin with and the three on the left were leftover from playing with Kool-Aid and wool a few years ago (so they were a nice lime green). For the pre-Kool-Aid dyed skeins, I didn’t mix the dye – I just sprinkled the blue powder directly on the yarn, then poured a little vinegar and hot water on top. I wrapped each one up in a package of plastic wrap, stuck them in a disposable cake pan, and let them brew like sun tea on my balcony for the better part of a sunny day.

Overall, I’m in shock of the beautiful colors I got with the icing dyes. Combine with the easy accesibility to purchase them, the great color selection, the relative cheapness, and the ease of use (not poison!), I think that’ll be what I use from now on.

More Yarn.

Also, I couldn’t resist WEBS sale on Cascade 220, and now have 8 skeins in “Lime Heather,” the lovely color seen in the upper right hand corner in this little swatchy-wishlist-picture.  The other colors are of some Cascade 220 colors I want.  If the Quatro had been on sale, I would have been all over the two color cards on the left.

Cascade 220 and 220 Quattro

That image is from my yarn wish list, where I made mosaics and notes on yarns I want.  You can check them out on Flickr, if you want.

Yarn Love?

The thing with the excess yarn – is that yarn really, really makes me happy.  I love it.  I love the colors, the texture, how it looks in a bowl or a drawer or a basket, how it feels while I knit it, piles of it everywhere, how it looks in a nice little hank or a ball.  The mere presence of yarn brings joy to my life, and I know that sounds crazy.  Sometimes I think that I may love the yarn as much as I love the knitting, the creation and planning and playing with the yarn is such a big part of the knitting for me.  I think that they’re inseparable.   Oh, yarn.  How I love you.


3 Responses

  1. I love the darker green yarn. I like yarn, too. It makes me happy as well. I think I need to lock up my credit cards so I don’t buy any more!

  2. Great job on the dyeing! The colours line up so well when knit in the feather and fan pattern.

  3. I have that lower-right blue! #4009, right? (God, I’m sad.)

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