I like yarn.

I have a serious yarn problem. But who doesn’t?

Hand-Dying Experiments.

I’ve been dying yarn over the past few days, and am very happy with my results.

Self-Striping Yarn (Hand Dyed)

This is on Paton’s Classic Merino, using Wilton’s Icing Dyes. It’s my attempt at self-striping yarn, and it kind of succeeded, as can be seen in this feather and fan scarf beginnings.

Self-Striping Feather and Fan Scarf

The purple was a cool accident – I had been trying for moss green and grey-blue with runs of white in between them, but the blue I used had a lot of red in it. The red moved into the yarn first, along with a bit of the blue, creating that cool purple. The sky blue are the remaining white parts that I put in the dye pot after all of the red had been absorbed from the grey-blue. The runs are really, really short (I wound the skein the length of my bedroom, which just isn’t very big), but I think it was an excellent first try. LOVE that green.

Hand-Dyed Yarn

These skeins are orphan skeins of some LionBrand Fisherman’s Wool and KnitPick’s Wool of the Andes that I dyed with Country Classic Dyes. The three on the left were white to begin with and the three on the left were leftover from playing with Kool-Aid and wool a few years ago (so they were a nice lime green). For the pre-Kool-Aid dyed skeins, I didn’t mix the dye – I just sprinkled the blue powder directly on the yarn, then poured a little vinegar and hot water on top. I wrapped each one up in a package of plastic wrap, stuck them in a disposable cake pan, and let them brew like sun tea on my balcony for the better part of a sunny day.

Overall, I’m in shock of the beautiful colors I got with the icing dyes. Combine with the easy accesibility to purchase them, the great color selection, the relative cheapness, and the ease of use (not poison!), I think that’ll be what I use from now on.

More Yarn.

Also, I couldn’t resist WEBS sale on Cascade 220, and now have 8 skeins in “Lime Heather,” the lovely color seen in the upper right hand corner in this little swatchy-wishlist-picture.  The other colors are of some Cascade 220 colors I want.  If the Quatro had been on sale, I would have been all over the two color cards on the left.

Cascade 220 and 220 Quattro

That image is from my yarn wish list, where I made mosaics and notes on yarns I want.  You can check them out on Flickr, if you want.

Yarn Love?

The thing with the excess yarn – is that yarn really, really makes me happy.  I love it.  I love the colors, the texture, how it looks in a bowl or a drawer or a basket, how it feels while I knit it, piles of it everywhere, how it looks in a nice little hank or a ball.  The mere presence of yarn brings joy to my life, and I know that sounds crazy.  Sometimes I think that I may love the yarn as much as I love the knitting, the creation and planning and playing with the yarn is such a big part of the knitting for me.  I think that they’re inseparable.   Oh, yarn.  How I love you.


3 Responses

  1. I love the darker green yarn. I like yarn, too. It makes me happy as well. I think I need to lock up my credit cards so I don’t buy any more!

  2. Great job on the dyeing! The colours line up so well when knit in the feather and fan pattern.

  3. I have that lower-right blue! #4009, right? (God, I’m sad.)

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