One back down, two fronts and two sleeves to go.

Dan’s Aran.
I’ve finished the back of Dan’s Aran! Hurray!

I immediately cast on for the first front, so I didn’t lose interest. Even though my deadline for this sweater project is Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have some leeway.

Dan's Aran: Left front in progress.

I’m knitting this at a slightly larger size than the largest size the pattern has. Basically, I added 8 stitches to the body of the sweater in length (4 on the back, 2 on each front), which creates an extra 2.5″ of ease in the sweater. I’m also knitting it slightly longer than called for. This is a really easy sweater to modify since there is no shaping for the fit or the sleeves – it has simple drop sleeves, that are picked up and knit down from the sweater body, and the only important shaping is the v-neck of the sweater, which is kind of the same, regardless of size.

Dan's Aran: Left front in progress.
Cable Details. Color is not true here.

So far, I’m still so happy with it, and so is Dan.

Yarn Addiction.
So happy, in fact, that I ordered four skeins of Cascade Eco Wool for my own sweater. I’m considering making Starsky from Winter 05 Knitty. Except with no tie and buttons, like Starsky Jr from Winter 06 Knitty.

I bought the Eco Wool in a natural color, and four skeins, with shipping, came to about $54 on FIFTY FOUR DOLLARS for 1,912 yards of wonderful, two-ply, slightly heavier than worsted, off-white wool.

WEBS has a great price as it is ($15/skein for Eco Wool, $18/skein for Eco+ [that’s the colored one that Dan’s Aran is knit with]), but add in’s discount (more than $60 and take 20% off), and you’ve got a skein of the vanilla-colored Eco Wool for about $13.05, including shipping. I know, it’s fabulous.

I have such a yarn problem.

Gratuitous Yarn Dying.
Here’s a shot of some of the yarn I dyed last week, all balled up and waiting for a project.

Balled and ready to be knit.

The two smaller green balls were dyed with Lime Kool-Aid a million years ago, and I over-dyed them last week with Country Classics Dye.  I’m very happy with the green variations they have going on.

The one in the middle is self-striping burgundy and green (it’s a little darker than the picture appears).  Worsted weight (it’s Paton’s Classic Merino).  I was aiming for a green and pink/orange stripe, but the orange was first too bright and looked like the Irish flag, and then quickly got too red, and looked like Christmas.  Now it has a bit of green in it, which made it deeper and browner.


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