FO: Kate the Giant Cat and Dan’s Aran Update

Large Cat in Pants Sighted.

I knit a very large cat in pants.

Kate the Giant Cat.

It’s Kate, from Winter 2005 Knitty. Except she’s super size. I used Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Raspberry, Lemongrass, and White (the pink and green is ripped out from my Bulky Mini-Cardi, and the white was just hanging out in my stash). Super easy knit – this is my second Kate (the first I knit for a new baby at the end of 2005, and was regular size, knit with Paton’s Classic Merino).

She was knit on my first pair of DPNs I ever bought, US 10.5s, and it was a little hard on my hands to knit with the bulky yarn on those needles. I knit most of her yesterday, while I was home sick from work. I also assembled most of her – I had to rip out her face a few times (how sad!), but I’m finally happy with how it came out (I modeled her pink nose after Queen Elizabeth, who has the cutest cat nose ever:

QE likes my yarn.

Just look at that nose!)

OK, back to Kate, I just get so distracted by kitty noses…

Kate the Giant Cat

All of the knitting, sewing, seaming, and stuffing was done yesterday – except for her left leg. My fingers were not happy with those chunky needles and even chunkier yarn, and they were getting a little roughed up, so I took a break and returned to the last leg today. Now she’s all ready to go, and sitting in front of the book case, looking demure and quite large. She sits about a foot tall.

Dan’s Aran Update.

Dan's Aran: First Front.

Into the v-neck decreases on the first front. I took a break to work on Kate.

Mmm.. Purses.

I splurged a little, and bought a Knitter’s Satchel from Jordana Paige. I’ve wanted one for a really, really long time, but it’s a little expensive for a purse for me (I’m a Target purse gal). Isn’t it pretty?

I love purses.

I’m shocked I didn’t get green, too.  But I thought the blue would go better with my wardrobe, and would make me seem less crazy.  Look how roomy it is!

So roomy!

I managed to shove all of my crap in there, along with two smaller knitting projects, and it was easy to find everything, accessible, and so pretty.  I love the clicky frame-top, and it has a nice, long strap that easily fits over my shoulder.  Thumbs up.


4 Responses

  1. Lovely cat !!

    The purse is also very nice


  2. Very cute cat. And the Aran sweater is stunning. Great work!

  3. Love your cat(s) and the purse is awesome! I want one!

  4. Flower basket!! How exciting!! Dan’s sweater is so pretty- You’ve gotten pretty far, everything still ok?

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