Progress Shots: Dan’s Aran & Noro Scarf

Dan’s Aran

I put it aside for about a month, but once I picked it up again, it was like I had never put it down. Two days off, some DVRed Knitty Gritty and OnDemand bad movies (John Tucker Must Die? Awful.), and the second front was done! Per the directions, I kept the stitches live and did a three needle bind off to the back, forming a nice strong seam (and less actual seaming for me later!). Later, I’ll go in and pick up the button bands and collar.

Dan's Aran: First sleeve started

The sleeves are knit down from the armholes. I picked up the stitches, and started in with the seemingly endless seed stitch. And that’s where I am now. It’s a little bulky, but still so satisfying to knit. I just LOVE the cable on the front (I’m a little sad that all of the major cabling is done for the sweater, as the sleeve only has a simple four stitch cable down the middle).

Dan's Aran: Sleeve in progress.

Noro Scarf

You may remember when I had a bit of yarn blow-out in Boston a few months ago. This Noro Kureyon [Colorway #182] was from that. Inspired by the beautiful Noro Striped Scarves I found browsing Flickr, and, more specifically, this scarf from Brooklyn Tweed, I wound the three balls of Kureyon into one giant center pull ball, and then started knitting, alternating two rows in 1×1 rib from the inside and outside of the ball. I slipped the first stitch and last stitch of every other row purlwise for a nice, even edge.  I’ve got a few yards left and just a handful of rows to finish it up, but I just can’t seem to do it.  It’s very odd.  Excessive photos follow.

Almost done.

See?  Look how little yarn is left!  I could have that pesky scarf finished by now!  It’s a shorter scarf, as it’s only three skeins.  I’m using US8s.


Noro Scarf Close-Up

Noro Scarf Details

Isn’t it cool how the colors look next to each other?  And it’s all the same yarn!


5 Responses

  1. The Aran sweater looks unbelievably gorgeous. I love the cable panels. Good luck with all the seed stitch. I’m doing something similar and have had to put it down because I’m so sick of the K1,P1…etc. And the scarf is gorgeous too. I am loving the bright, vibrant colors. Kudos to you!

  2. I had a Noro blow out too. I just had to knit that scarf thanks to Brooklyn Tweed!
    Both projects look great!

  3. Amazingly beautiful knits! I love both the sweater and the scarf!

  4. I love your scarf! Am just getting back into knitting ….can you tell me exactally how you made it? Was it one skein at a time? thanks so much

  5. I have seen so many of these scarves, but rarely have I seen such gorgeous, vibrant colors–may I ask what colorway you used? I know most people do this in Kureyon, but this looks more like Silk Garden 87. I’d love to know–I’d never get tired of these colors! Thanks!

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