Oh, yarn.

How I adore you. I really, really don’t know what it is – but, more and more, I think my knitting obsession is simply the most logical step in my yarn obsession. Because if you don’t knit or crochet or do something with all of that yarn you start to accumulate… people may think you are kind of crazy.

At the same time, I love creating objects and clothing and wraps and things out of yarn. But most of all, I love when I’m finished and I can put it down and step back and look at it. Because it’s like the yarn, but better. Like yarn destiny.


I’ve decided that I’m not really a sock knitter. Personally, I don’t want hand knit socks because I’ll wear them out, and I do just fine with the 10 for $5 packs from Target. And I try to wear them as little as possible, either way.

But last year, I bought Dan a pair of super soft mohair socks from a vendor at Rhinebeck. They’re squooshy, soft, lime green, and hand wash only. Dan loves them. He takes care of them, making sure they don’t go through the wash and keeps them clean. He likes the splash of color they add to his mostly black and khaki wardrobe, and loves how squishy and soft they are. He said he’d really like a pair of nice red ones.

So I offered to knit them for him.

It was all an excuse to buy yarn. I won’t lie.

Blue Sky Alpaca Melange (100% Baby Alpaca Sport-Weight)
Mmmm.. baby alpaca

That’s Blue Sky Melange, a heathered 100% baby alpaca sport-weight yarn. Delicous. Unfortunately, I miscalculated (Dan has big feet), and I need another skein of yarn for the socks.  On my day off last week,  I ventured to the nice yarn shop and got a skein of Frog Tree alpaca in a sport-weight blue.  I have a gauge swatch, and I’m already to go.

Are you wondering if there was anything else in the box? Of course there was!

Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton in Cumin
Four skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton in ‘Cumin.’ For me. I’m thinking a mini-sweater.

Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton
Oh, and these random skeins of Dyed Cotton? They’re just along for the ride (and are destined to be gifts, I belive).

Also Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Hand-Dyed was on sale, so I got a few skeins of that (you can see it in the picture with the Melange up there – that’s the orange it’s resting on). I think I’ve gushed about how much I adore WEBS before, so I won’t do that again. I’ll just state that I love them.


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