FO: Knit Beaded Bracelet (Bauble), Faux Harry Potter, Entrelac Scarf

Movie Date.

I had a very nice date with the boyfriend yesterday.  We saw the Harry Potter movie in IMAX (with 20 minutes of 3D action!), had a nice lunch, shopped, and then saw Hairspray (no 20 minutes of 3D action, but AMAZING movie that you have to see – I might be a theatre geek, but believe me – I didn’t like the show nearly as much as the movie.  And the performances! Oh! I could go on and on).


Scarf in Progress.

I did something during both of the movies I’ve never done before – knit.  I had recently started a Harry Potter style striped scarf for the boyfriend, mostly because I wanted an excuse to purchase more Malabrigo after the scarf I finished last week.  I offered to knit him a striped scarf for the holidays, he choose the color, and we both decided on the style.  I have two skeins of each color, which should be plenty for a stockinette in the round scarf.  Oh, and it’s so soft!



I got a good portion done during the movies yesterday – I did pause when Harry Potter when into 3D though.  The two colors are Blue Graphite and Verde.  Since the Verde is a multi-colored yarn, it’s pooling a lot, but Dan seems to like the different patterns it is making, as well as the contrast between the solid Graphite and the wackiness of the Verde.


Finished Object: Bauble.

In between the movies, I visited Joanns, where I poured over their meager bead selection – I had somehow got it into my mind I wanted to knit Bauble, from the Spring 07 Knitty.  I got the right cord, the right seed beads, but their larger bead selections were very lacking.  Basically, I bought every single strand of beads they had that were labeled 4mm and 6mm (I realize I probably could have deviated, and will in the future, but for this one.. I was going by the book, so to speak).  So the color choices? Not really mine.  But I love how they came out!



The cool thing about this pattern is that it’s not the traditional knitting with beads approach – instead, you create a long strand of beads and use that as your yarn!  The beading took a while – a good few hours last night and today.  The knitting and overall construction of the bracelet took less than an hour, though.



I’m in love with the results, though.  I’m not much of a bracelet person, so this may become a present, but look at that sparkle! Those colors! It doesn’t look like an accident!  It’s so pretty.



Here it is on my wrist.  The color is off in this photo as the bedroom was a little dark.  It’s much more sparkly, and I’m not jaundiced.


In between stringing beads last night, I also soaked and blocked my entrelac scarf.  You may remember – I am following the Danica pattern from Knitty, but letting Noro Kureyon do all the work.  I used two skeins of two colorways – 164 (the green/brown) and 180 (the red/wine/aqua).  I rotated between the skeins, so the first was an entire skein of 164, following by a skein of 180, 164, then finished it off with 180.



Because Kureyon is a little itchy for me, after an initial soak in woolwash to get the excess dye out (the water was practically black!), I let it soak in some hair conditioner, to soften up the fiber.  I rinsed it well and hung it on my bathroom door.



There it is, in its entrelac-y glory.  I’ll have better photos of it later this week, when it’s all dry.  I love how the colors meld together!








11 Responses

  1. Nice tip about the hair conditioner. Love the Danica! simply gorgeous!

  2. I agree with Dan, the pooling on the scarf is really neat!

    I love Bauble too, that’s so pretty.

  3. Wow! Beautiful!

  4. I’m not a bracelet person either, but I am a necklace person and that would probably make a great choker-it’s so pretty! I like the green scarf too, the pooling is neat!

  5. I’m glad to hear you aren’t jaundiced 😉 The bracelet is very pretty.

  6. I Love Love Love how that scarf came out!! I really dig the Harry Potter-esque scarf. I was thinking about making myself a Harry Potter scarf, but didn’t know whether to do Ravenclaw or Gryffendor (I get sorted into both pretty evenly). And if I do Ravenclaw do I do the movie colors or the book colors? I love the pattern that came out! I’m going to Windsor Buttons now!

  7. I love the color pooling! Cool!

  8. My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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  11. A search in Google brought up your web blog – I’m glad it did, thanks.

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