SWS Obsession & Future Inspirations.

SWS Love.

There are some yarns that I go back to again and again. Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes is one of those. I love the soy/wool blend, the color selection, the self-striping, and slightly heavier than worsted, the feltability, and the texture. I’d like it to be a little softer, but it’s nicer on my neck than Noro Kureyon, so I don’t complain much.

Someone on the Ravelry forums posted that there are going to be new SWS colors! Hurray! No pictures yet, but we have the names – is Natural Natural the worst color name ever or what? There is also speculation that these may be SWS Solids (which kind of makes the name a misnomer.. unless they’re going to be called SWS which stands for Soy Wool Solids, which now that I type it makes a lot more sense). I’m on the edge of my seat.

When I was on the Great Movie Date of 2007 last week, the Boyfriend and I stopped by Joanns (ostensibly to get beads to knit Bauble, but how could I not say hi to the yarn?). And there it was: SWS Natural Green.

Borrowed from the Paton’s website.I’d been on a secret quest for this colorway for months. None of the craft stores near my apartment had it (and there are three craft stores within five miles of my apartment). I’d seen it online, I’d seen it knit up on blogs and Flickr, and it was calling to me. But could I find it anywhere? No!

I immediately purchased all they had (thank goodness that was only three skeins!), and now am planning what it will become.

I’ve made a few things with SWS – mostly I hoard it. I made a Calorimetry for my former boss Jessica which turned out beautifully, and a Fake Fair Isle hat for myself. I’d been holding out for the Natural Green, now it just needs the perfect project.

If they ever make self-striping Malabrigo, I’ll have to get a part-time job to support my yarn habit. Which is bad, because I already kind of need a part-time job to support my yarn habit.

Future Projects.


This is the Tilting Duster by Norah Gaughn, the cover of the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits. I want to knit it a great deal. I have a pile of Cascade 220 in one of their heathered colors (a beautiful subtle lime), and think this would be perfect. I wonder if I have enough…


What did you think of the Fall IK 07 Preview?

Speaking of future projects, one of my favorite things on Ravelry is my ability to organize my queue, or future projects. It kind of gets me to plan a bit better, remember stuff I’ve been meaning to knit, and actually use my stash!

Here’s a screenshot of the first four items in my queue, for those who don’t want to log into Ravelry or aren’t there quite yet.

Screenshot of my Ravelry Queue
[click the picture for a larger version]

You can see I had destined the Lime Heather Cascade 220 for the Cardigan for Arwen. But I have changed its yarn destiny!

Other Projects.

Still plugging along on the striped not-Harry Potter scarf. It looks mostly the same, only longer.


5 Responses

  1. Wooo… thanks for the link. I will be buying it, at least for the Placed Cable Aran pullover alone.

    • AmbeevNmyor 20th 2011 – 4:43amI sold my jewelry at a craft show last weekend and guess what sold out? I made pendants of flowers, birds and vintage photos (gel de soliel and UV light)with Nunn bezels on cords and sterling chains. I should have made more. Great giveaway!

  2. A friend of my sister’s is sending me a soy/wool blend to knit a pair of baby pants she wants for her daughter. I’m thinking it’s going to be SWS. I never knit with it before. Glad to hear your positive review!

  3. I saw the SWS solid in the Michael’s in my ‘hood. It’s beautiful.

  4. I have a sample of SWS which I have not started because well did I mention I have one skein? I have heard good reviews.

    I don’t know about Malabrigo releasing a self striping yarn. Oh, but they’re colors are so wonderful.

    I see you have the Arwen cardigan on your queue. Love it! That’s on my to do list (someday).

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