Emerald Beginnings, Queen Elizabeth, and Purple Veggies.

I went to Boston last weekend for my best friend’s engagement party. I got to visit with my favorite cat:

Q-Face is pretending not to see me.

Who was pretending not to know who I was.

There were cheese plates

Cheese plate!


And purple cauliflower


Purple Cauliflower

And I don’t have any pictures of the actual party because I’m a loser.  I was really nice to see friends I haven’t seen in months, as well as meet people who are in their bridal party.   It was a great weekend.

Hand-Dyed Cascade Eco Wool Swatch

This will be Emerald, from Winter 06 Knitty.  It’s a semi-chunky seamless raglan cardi with a short-rowed shawl collar and cable details at the raglan decreases.  I’ve changed the gauge – I’m using hand-dyed Cascade Eco Wool, and on got 4spi on US9s, and really liked the fabric – I didn’t want to aim for 3spi and go up any more needle sizes.  This difference in gauge meant I had to sit down with a calculator, my mediocre algebraic skills, and re-write most of the pattern.

I thought maybe I would just be able to knit the largest size, and the gauge difference would make it work out to the size I wanted to knit [1x].  No dice – way too small.

I’ve knit raglan sweaters before, I’ve read “Knitting Without Tears,” and I’ve knit raglans knit by Amy Swenson before, so I’m not worried about it, even though I got bored about 3/4 of the way of re-writing it and decided to play the rest by ear.

I’m loving the subtle color variations, the texture, and the fabric I’m creating.  I have four skeins of this yarn, which is a lot (Cascade Eco Wool is 440/yards per skein), but one of the skeins doesn’t match up with the others as well, since I dyed them myself.  I think I’m going to use that one for the collar (I used it for the gauge swatch).  If when I’m finished, I’m not happy with the color, I’ll probably just over-dye the whole sweater, as I was originally trying to get a much darker green, and the current mottled look is just a happy mistake.


Love the fabric. I’m about nine inches into the body (knit in one piece!), and decided to start a sleeve ’cause it’s more portable.  I’m going to finish it with more than one button, though I just saw the designer’s second version of the sweater on Flickr, with no short row shaping and no buttons, and really like that too.  Hmm.  Which one should I go for?



Jersey Represent! Buttons

I had some buttons made for the Jersey Represents group on Ravelry. How great did they come out?

Over-Dyed Paton's SWS

I over-dyed a skein of Paton’s SWS (Natural Slate), to make this cool dark green/grey self-striping colors.


I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet, but I saw someone who made a Lizard Ridge afghan with SWS, and think that might be the perfect project for my over-flowing stash of single SWS skeins.



3 Responses

  1. The Jersey Represent buttons look awesome! As does the cheese! Yum! I want to knit Emerald some day too. I think you picked a great color for it.

  2. Emerald is going to be beautiful in that yarn. And the buttons are too cute!

  3. I love Emerald! And I love that Lizard afghan- I was just looking at it and trying to decide if my grandma wanted one for Xmas. That cheese was soo good! Q Face knew who you were! We had to throw away her blanket because she peed on it and we couldn’t get the smell out. Q is no longer a red sox fan.

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