This is how I feel.


That blue blob of yarn is a big ball of Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton that I decided I wanted to roll into a ball from a hank on my commute Sunday morning. It got tangled and knotted (of course) and instead of taking the normal ten minutes it would have taken at home, it took my entire commute, along with a few minutes of down time at work.


And then I didn’t even end up using it as the contrasting color in the scarf I was knitting.


Sometimes, I feel like my life is like that big mess of tangled yarn. If I had somehow taken the easier road, it would have been no time at all to wind it into a ball at home. But I decided to make it complicated, and it took me ten times as long to take care of it.


It all boils down to the fact that August is my least favorite month, and I am honestly amazed that it is August 23, and I am just beginning to feel this way – usually, at midnight on August 1st, my spirit falls and I don’t feel normal again until I can smell fall in the air.


But, as this is a knitting blog, I will return later this week with my progress on Emerald (one sleeve down! almost down with the body before my favorite part of bottom up raglan knitting!), plans for Holiday Knitting (it is almost September, after all), and perhaps a peek into the other crafty endeavors that have recently popped up in my life.


For now, a three year old photo, taken at my favorite place on earth on a cold summer day (the perfect kind).  This was right before my senior year of college – I had just broken up with my long-time boyfriend for the third and final time, recently lost 40 pounds, went on a mini-roadtrip to my favorite restaurant with three of my favorite people in the world, and finished knitting a sweater at the beach.  It was a good day.


July 31, 2004. On the beach in Connecticut.


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  1. I cannot believe that was three years ago. We look soo cute in those pictures! This August hasn’t sucked like other Augusts! Maybe it’s because it’s been 65 here for four days. LOVE BOSTON!

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