Baby alpaca in the deep blue sea…

001.  I was going to devote my life and a good chunk of money to KnitPicks for having come up with a wooden interchangeable needle set UNTIL I discovered that they don’t make a 16″ cord (am I wrong?  Please correct me.  I want to be wrong).  16″ is my favorite circular needle size EVER.  Perfect for hats, sleeves, and almost anything knit flat (especially scarves!).  I mean, the other sizes are swell, but I adore 16″ circs.  So you only get a little bit of love from me KnitPicks (mostly because they have a bunch of different US2 and US1 sizes so you can actually get the correct metric sizes for your colorwork/socks, and they’re fun colors AND their DPNs come with 6 needles!).  OK, maybe that extra needle at a still incredibly reasonable price has made me like you more than just a little, but I’m still angry about your interchangeable needles (please note they do have fixed circs at a very good price, so I may eat my words when it’s needle buying time).

002. Emerald is done, buttons are sewn in, but I keep on not being home when it is light out (or when I am, my camera’s battery is dead).  It looks a little funny – I wish I had added one more buttonhole, and it could use a good steam blocking.  Maybe that’ll help.

003.  Lindsey and Ben were in the area this weekend, and Lindsey and I had a little swap – I gave her three skeins of bright orange Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, and she knit me a green neckwarmer out of bulky baby alpaca.  So soft! So green! I’ve stolen pictures of Lindsey modeling it on the car ride down.

Look at those cool buttons!



She made up the pattern – you can read about it on her blog.


In addition to the yarn, Lindsey went home with the stripey Noro scarf I finished a few weeks ago.  It just really liked her (well, the feeling was mutual).


When Lindsey was telling me about the project, Dan starting singing a song about the baby alpaca yarn to the tune of Raffi’s “Baby Beluga.”  Lindsey went into my bedroom to change, and we could hear her singing it.  Dan made up a verse for it, but I really like the one Lindsey did:


Baby alpaca in my sweater vest

I love you above all the rest.


Your yarn’s so soft and small

I love to make a ball…


7 Responses

  1. Hot Model! I love the Nori Scarf!! I haven’t decided what to do with the awesome orange cotton- I’m thinking mittens and a scarf- or maybe a little shrug or sleevey things. hmmm….

    I want Jessie action picks wearing the neck warmer!! Your sweater looks great!

  2. I know what you mean! I have the metal Options set and really wished they had 16″ needles. As much as I like Options, 24″ is just too long for many of the things I knit.

  3. I’m with you, the 16″ circ thing is the only thing keeping me from buying those needles right now. They’re so pretty though, I may give in soon!

    • Your post captures the issue pecflrtey!

    • All great points James. Certainly a ball control offense is important and useful to a lot of football teams. Are the Cowboys one of those? I really don’t know. Originally I would say no. . .they are better than nearly every team and should try to extend the game, not shorten it.However, after watching them play through four games, it is clear they are at least slightly less talented and quite a bit less productive than I anticipated.

    • And if Mo'nique doesn't get that Oscar for her performance, I'm gonna protest the ceremony indefinitely!!!!Though I would like to see some black folks get the Oscar for more positive roles than the ones Denzel (Training Day) and Hallle played. Oh well, I woman can have hope!!!

  4. I feel so much happier now I undatsrend all this. Thanks!

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