1/2 of a FO!

After losing my beloved Koigu Elegant Gauntlets over two years ago, I’ve finally taken it upon myself to knit another pair.

Lindsey, modeling them in September of 2004.  I left them on the train while commuting to my internship in March of 2005 – along with my first felted Bottom’s Up Bucket Hat, with a pin my mom gave me for my 21st birthday that I loved.  I was most sad about the pin.


I recently placed a KnitPicks order (see my next post for info on that project!), and two skeins of their new self-striping sock yarn came along for the ride – Felici, in “Aurora.”  Though I did order the yarn before seeing Sandra’s amazing socks knit in the same yarn and colorway, it did seal the deal for me that I needed to be knitting with the yarn seconds after it arrived.


I knew they were destined to be the Elegant Gauntlets from the Purl Stitch by Sally Melville because a) I needed glove-y things for the winter and b) I’m not too good with finished socks.


Also in my KnitPicks order were some of the new Harmony Wood DPNs, which, oddly enough, are the same color as the Aurora colors (except for the blue).  I felt very co-ordinated.


Felici: Love it.  Love the colors, the striping ratio, the softness! (it’s so soft in the skein, and the fabric on 3mm needles feels like an old worn t-shirt). I want it in all of the colors.  It makes me want to knit socks.


Morning and evening.


The DPNS: Really inflexible for wood (which I don’t mind), very shiny, pretty colors, and SUPER sharp points (unlike any wooden needles I’ve seen before).  Very sturdy, and I love that they give you six needles, because I always lose them.  I don’t love that they don’t have the size of the needle somewhere on the needle itself, especially because I store my DPNs loose in a box, and even with the number stamped on the side, I have started projects with three of one size and four of another.


But look! I finished one of the gauntlets!




I cast on for the other on my commute this morning – I started these last Thursday, do you think it’s wishful thinking that they might be both done in a week?  Last time, I knit the first one in about a week, and it took me three months to finish the second.  Oops.


But it’s actually getting a little chilly here – I can feel fall in the air.  I need some gloves!





3 Responses

  1. My arms look so toned and tan in that picture! Those gauntlets were amazing! I’m glad you are making new ones!! Do you know that 21 subscribe to your blog feed?

  2. oh- and I LOVE the yarn! Love that color!!

  3. What beautiful colors you’ve picked. And Adrian is very inspiring and talented. And you can add one more to your blog feed – I’m glad I found your blog!

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