Planning Sweaters.

I’ve always been inspired by the beautiful seamless yoke sweaters that Adrian of Hello Yarn makes. Their color and texture always accent the yarn and construction of the sweater so beautifully, and it makes me want to abbandon all of my projects and just create EZ-Style seamless sweaters with colorful yokes. As weird as it sounds, you know what pushed me over the edge? This beautiful, seamless, lump-free armpit. Just look at it! It’s the simplicity and perfection of the knitting and yarn that just did it for me.

I bought a small pile of Cascade 220 to build the sweater with. The background color will be the charcoal grey – and the accents in the yoke will be these heathers.

Using the Wave chart that Adrian created for her Rhinebeck sweater last year, I played with the colors I had choosen and came up this this pattern. The background will be the grey.


I’m going to do a fold over hem at the bottom and the wrists, using the celery (the lighter green) as the contrasting color. I might do a picot edging – I haven’t decided yet – I may swatch and see how it comes out. The base of the sweater will be a classic Elizabeth Zimmerman build your own seamless sweater, from “Knitting Without Tears,” with the possibility of some waist shaping thrown in, just for fun.


7 Responses

  1. That’s going to be super pretty. I love yoke design and colors.

  2. It’s gorgeous – I love the colours you chose for the yoke.

  3. I own three out of five of those colors of Cascade. You have excellent taste.:-)

  4. Those colors are great, the sweater is going to look so good! I want to knit one of these someday, I can just never decide about the yoke design or the colors!

  5. I’m so excited!! I feel like I should make a Rhinebeck sweater!!! Maybe I’ll start one now for next year.

  6. […] [To have an idea about what I’m talking about without pictures, please read this entry first.] […]

  7. I was wondering, is it okay if I use part of your wave chart for a bag I’m working on? It won’t be sold or anything, nor will I be writing up the pattern. I just wanted to check with you to make sure I could use it. Thanks!

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