Finally, a picture of the finished sweater!

I finished Emerald a solid two weeks ago. I haven’t taken pictures of it because I kept on missing the light when Dan was home to take modeled shots, so today, when I was home and it was light and I was alone, I took some non-modeled pictures. I didn’t feel like playing with the self-timer today.

As you may remember, I modified the sweater pattern to 4spi from 3spi, on US9s with hand-dyed Cascade Eco Wool. I thought I was going to have to over-dye the entire sweater when I was done, but I think that unless you’re looking at the sweater really, really close up, you don’t notice the four slightly different dye-lots that came from the mediocre dye job I did. It does need a good blocking, but I always find it hard to block seamless raglans – I really should have done it before I did the shawl collar.

The shawl collar is probably my favorite thing about the sweater – Amy Swenson, the designer, incorporates short rows into the top, which actually makes the top of the collar lie down flat! without pinning! or sewing! or stitching! It’s kind of magical, and I plan to try to technique out when I eventually put the collar on Dan’s Aran.

The cable details on the raglan are also beautiful – it’s a very nice detail that looks great in the bulky yarn.

It would have been a really quick knit if I had stuck with the original gauge – as it is, it took about a month of knitting, which still isn’t very long! I’m happy with how it came out, overall – and if you’d like to see a modeled view of it, find me at Rhinebeck! It’s what I’ll be wearing 🙂

Bonus: Look what I finished!


OK, not the sweater. BUT the first sleeve, which I’ve been working on since JUNE. I’m excited! Now I just.. have to, uhm.. knit another one. Oh.


14 Responses

  1. They are both lovely!!! It’s so nice to see finished knits and I’m inspired to get knitting and finish something!

  2. Emerald is beautiful. Why have I not knit this pattern yet, I know I want to eventually… The other sweater is beautiful also. All that moss stitch, yikes! Congrats!

  3. They both look great and just in time for the cooler weather.

    • This arctile is a home run, pure and simple!

    • Ben 8. sınıfta “Ankara Meteoroloji Lisesi” ne gideceÄŸim dediÄŸim zaman hocalarım: “ÅŸehir dışını yazmayın”, ailem: “yapamazsın oralarda” gibi saçma sapan ÅŸeylerle kandırdılar beni. O yaÅŸta hayallerin peÅŸinden gitmenin ne demek olduÄŸunu biliyor olsaydım bugün Ozan hocamın öğrencisi olurdum Hiçbir ÅŸey için geç deÄŸil. Bir gün yanında belireceÄŸim üstad “havadansudan” yazdıklarının altına imzamı atarım kardeÅŸim

  4. They are beautiful. The greens all blend so well that you can’t tell they are from different dye lots. I love the cables on the blue sweater but all that moss stitch! Pat yourself on the back, that’s a job.

  5. Both look gorgeous! i won’t be at Rhinebeck so I want to see a pic of you in the first sweater!

  6. WOnderful! I love all the greens. I won’t be there either – so a picture is a must!

  7. I really hate to be the one to point this out – but if you are like me you`ll go crazy once you notice it – you have a cable twisting the wrong direction about half way up the front

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  10. Wonder,complimenti per le foto ed il look! (Hai un fisico pazzesco! Ma davvero dopo la gravidanza si torna in forma? Io lotto ancora con i chili di troppo…).Complimenti anche per le parole che usi per descrivere Roma: evocano immagini ed esprimono magia!Buon weekend!Angela

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