One Sleeve Down!

Only one more sleeve to go!

One sleeve down!
Looking snazzy on my chaise lounge, along with the new KnitPicks Harmony needles and my remote control.

Oh, and a sweater too, I guess.

I decided to go with a picot hem for the edging. I also decided to go with 3/4 sleeves – not only do they suit the sweater I have in my mind’s eye, they also are faster to knit! These will fall barely past my elbow.

I finished the hem for the second sleeve on the way to work by way of a doctor’s apointment – people give you funny looks when you knit with DPNs in public, but when you’re hemming a fold over edge, working with five DPNs and a circular needle? People either thought I was crazy or a genius.

Second sleeve begun!
Cell phone picture, since it will (hopefully) be much longer by the time I make it home!

And even though I did most of the actual hem row (the knitting of the cast on with the current row) while on the subway, I only dropped one stitch, caught it before the round was over, and easily fixed it. Go me! At this rate, I may actually get the second sleeve done with my morning commute!

Elizabeth Zimmerman says a sleeve should start with 20% of the body stitches, and evenly increase up to 33%. This was for full length sleeves – I decided to start with 25% as my cast on, since I was working the shorter sleeves, only to actually finish reading the page later in the evening to discover that 25% is, indeed, the percentage that EZ recommends for 3/4 length sleeves. I was incredibly proud of myself.

The Elegant Gauntlets are feeling neglected…

But what they don’t know is as soon as I’m done with the sleeves, they’ll be my commuting project.  And I will finish the pair!


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  1. I love the green linings. Are they hard to do? The contrast color is really nice.

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