Rhinebeck, The Epic Post: Part 1.

It’s the day after Rhinebeck. All of the yarn loving folks who spent their weekend surround by sheep, alpacas, and more yarn than you could ever imagine are all running a little slower today, slightly hungover from the intoxication of being surrounded by that much fiber-love.

This post will be a two parter. As you may remember, I left my digital camera at home, so I picked up a disposable camera at a rest stop on the way up. You can see all of the pictures I took in this set – here are the highlights. My second Rhinebeck post will show my loot. I even came in under budget (is that crazy or what?)!

I woke up at 6:30am, made my mom breakfast (scrambled eggs that she and the pups shared), and was on my way!

Lindsey and I arrived at about 9:30am, within a few minutes of each other.

We started to explore, and I was too busy fondling yarn to take pictures! We visited some sheep along the way. By 11am, we were both hungry and decided it was an appropriate lunch time. We shared lamb kabobs. Yum.

Then we did something crazy – we walked down and discovered a whole building and section of the fair that we hadn’t gone to last year! Outside of Building E, there were ton of cool food vendors and gourmet food tastings and yarn and we had no idea! This is where the Blogger/Ravelry/Bingo meet up was, which was a little overwhelming on Saturday. Lindsey & I found some people on our squares, and I recognized some people from blogs I read. It was kind of cool to be surrounded by that much knitting love.

We had some deep fried pickles to recover our strength after the meet-up. They were so good!

Then we took pictures of ourselves.

Lindsey took pictures of my sweater! Which I tried to wear for most of the day, but it was really hot there!

At this point, we walked to our cars to drop off some of our purchases. On the way out, I ran into the Ravelry crew dispensing t-shirts, so I went and picked up the one I had ordered. I met a few people standing outside of the Ravelry van, including Adrian of HelloYarn – I told her my sweater was inspired by her Wave Yoke Sweater, but I think it was really incoherent (I actually ended my sentence with “and that’s it”). I think it was wool sweater induced heat stroke.

We went back and saw an angora rabbit demonstration. And continued to shop till we dropped. Literally. I was so tired!

Lindsey and I headed to the hotel at about 5pm (major traffic!) in separate cars. I saw this billboard on the way over.

Lindsey finished her endpaper mitts in the hotel room.

I taught Lindsey to spin!

I, obviously, need to learn to use my flash.

We headed out to the Ravelry party, but we were both STARVING when we got there, and they hadn’t really opened the doors yet… so we left, and had a bit of an adventure finding food, but eventually found a super nice diner and had a great dinner (greek salad with anchovies! YUM!). We ran into Tina of Phoenix Fiber Works on Sunday, who I saw walking into the party as we left, and she said there was an OPEN BAR and food and stuff. So we just didn’t wait long enough. Ah, well.

We went to bed kind of early (it was a long day!), and before we knew it, it was time for Day 2!

We had a little bit more of a plan – there were a few places I wanted to go back to. First up, we headed to the Little Barn, which has the world’s longest lines but is so worth the wait. When we were waiting on line on Saturday, someone walking in said “What, are they giving the yarn away?” and someone else replied “Practically!” I spent $50 there and got 17 skeins of worsted weight wool (that’s 3400 yds, folks). But that’s another post.

Lindsey loved the Eco-Blend yarn they had, made of cotton and recycled soda bottles – so she picked up more on Sunday, along with some BFL roving.

Lindsey made a friend.

We watched some alpacas on parade (look! they’re wearing scarves!).

And admired the fall foliage – it was so warm I took my sweater off within fifteen minutes and didn’t even try to put it back on the entire day.

We went to the Sunday Blogger/Ravelry/Bingo meetup, and met a few people. Mostly just watched from the side-lines, though, which was fine. Again, so overwhelming!

We enjoyed some lovely fried artichokes for a mid-morning snack. SO GOOD! We had lamb ravioli for lunch, but I didn’t take a picture of it. It was good though!

After that, we went and tasted all of the cheeses, dips, and gourmet foods in a building we had no idea even existed last year. I was so full after the artichokes and tons of pretzel sticks with dips!

I accosted Katydid Knits while she waited on line for food and took a photo of her beautiful lime green crocheted shawl. I was drawn to the green – and her Charlotte’s Web the day before was so pretty too!

I was running out of steam at this time – we wanted to get the center square on Blogger Bingo, so we found Barn 39 – and discovered we hadn’t been there yet! Crazy. When we walked out the back, we found even more yarn-y vendors, and I picked up two skeins of lovely teal wool.

We ran into Tina of Phoenix Fiber Works there, too, who gave us the low down on the Ravelry party we had missed and chatted with her for awhile. There were corgi puppies! I wanted to steal one. So cute!

After that, we headed back down to the Author’s Tent. Lindsey bought Charmed Knits and had Alison Hansel sign it. I admired Kristin Nicholas‘ knits – oh the colors! – but her book was sold out, so I didn’t pick it up. We stopped by to see the knits and skeins that had placed and got ribbons.

And then it was over. I was pooped. We parted ways, and drove to our separate states.

It was a great weekend. It was SO FUN to see Lindsey for an entire weekend and immerse myself in the knitting world. I did get tired a little more easily than I usually would because, for some personal reasons, I haven’t been as active lately. But I’m already preparing for next year (we might try to talk the boys into coming for one day, as there is enough to entertain them for a few hours!).

Coming tomorrow: what I bought!


6 Responses

  1. i can’t wait to see your haul! i am so bummed that i missed it AGAIN this year…there is always 2008…

  2. Great story! I think my husband and I ran into you guys outside one of the barns two times. I didn’t even connect you with you, who knew?

  3. Hey there! Now that I see your blog, I totally recognize the green scarf/coat pictures. Duh me. LOL

    It was wonderful meeting you two, I wish you both lived close enough to come hang out at our knitting group, you’d fit right in. Then again, there’s so few of us that it’s not like we’d intimidate you anyway. *grin*

    You were super sweet and cute as a button. I hope that we can meet up again sometime soon. Can’t wait to see the stash! Have you checked on back? I always take super detailed photos so there’s got to be something drool worthy. Heh. 😉

  4. Hey! I saw you (well, your sweater, I was totally admiring it from afar) at Rhinebeck on Saturday! I’ve been surfing around and reading random Rhinebeck blog posts and ended up here on your blog, on the blog of someone who’s sweater I was loving from afar. What a small world/blogosphere!

  5. Looks like you had a great time and Lindsay too! Tell her those mitts turned out great!

  6. Is it a bad thing that what I came away with most from your post is that now I reall want to raise angora bunnies and alpaca?

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