Rhinebeck, The Epic Post: Part 2!

It’s my day off, my apartment could use a good vacuuming, there is laundry to be folded, but instead I am spending the day taking pictures of yarn, then going to a museum and out to dinner with a friend.  And I have no complaints.

Here’s my haul.

 My first purchase was this lovely wool/silk roving from A Touch of Twist.  It’s 11.6 oz of soft grey green silky goodness.  I can’t wait to spin it up.

 Once I had made that first purchase, it made the others a little easier.

I got this button from Briar Rose Fibers – I didn’t end up buying any yarn there, because all I wanted was a sweater amount for myself – but with my knitting queue and current plans, I wouldn’t have time to knit that up until after next fall – when I can go to Rhinebeck again and buy it!  This button is for my Emerald cardigan – I’m going to modify its original buttonholes to just one (like in the pattern).

 I can’t remember where I bought this small pile of roving – I was really drawn to the colors together.  I’m going to prepare them to make a self-striping yarn, I think.

 At the Little Barn, they had bags and bags of worsted wool for $35.  Crazy!  2000 yards of tealy goodness.  There are seven skeins of the heathered green that will be a sweater vest for my stepfather.  I don’t know what the sweater for me will be yet – I’m contemplating Rogue.

 That was day one.

This was day two.

My major purchase of the day was at Maple Creek Farms.  I had been there the day before, and Lindsey had bought some yarn, but I had just looked.  I explored a little and ended up being three skeins.

Two skeins of this lovely sproingy slightly heavier than worsted merino wool.  I love the two colors together.  Last year, I bought a skein of this in a green colorway and made a one skein wonder with it (that got a little felted in the washing machine by accident… oops).  I’m thinking some kind of shrug with the two of them together.

 This yarn is going to be the Summer Lace Shawlette for Lindsey & Ben’s wedding.  It goes well with the color of my dress, and will stay on my shoulders and will not be too warm and I love the color.  It’s a merino/silk blend and the colorway is called “Victoria.”

 At the meetup, Lindsey and I met the girls behind Ariadne Knits, and they gave us little knit kits for neck kerchiefs!

 My last purchase of the day was on the way out – we found an entire barn we though we hadn’t been to, and Reflections at Roclan was right behind it!  I bought two skeins of this lovely worsted wool to use as the contrasting color in a two color yoke sweater.

 And then I went home, dumped it on the floor, and rolled around in it.

Well, maybe not.


7 Responses

  1. Sweet! It all looks so yummy!

  2. i am drooling. i must go next year!!!

  3. I love that green and cream roving – so pretty together. I bought some sock yarn from maple Creek at Stitches in ‘Cherry Slush’ and can’t wait to knit that up. Beautiful selections!

  4. The roving was from that little man next to the large barn- next to the broom man. I can’t remember the name of it. Those colors are so pretty together.

    You need to buy more next year- I feel like my pile is bigger than your pile, and that makes me feel weird.

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  5. Very nice haul – the roving is gorgeous!

  6. I came over from Zimmermaniacs because I like your sweater. You did a fantastic job.

    I enjoyed reading about your Rhinebeck adventure.

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