A sweater-vest in a week?

Can I do it?

Almost done with the back…

 [This is Filatura Lanarota Chaco that I bought at Rhinebeck (basically, good old fashion four ply worsted wool).  The pattern is the Classic Camel Vest from Men in Knits.  I’m knitting it at a slightly smaller gauge, 5.5 spi instead of 5 because I love the fabric I’m getting like that – on US6s]

Coffee Liqueur Update

 I got vanilla beans today, and halved them and put them in the pot, so it’ll get that lovely vanilla scent and flavor.  My fingers smell like vanilla now!

Here’s the huge batch of liqueur, sitting in my cabinet.  We’ll bottle it next week, and let it sit and mature till the holidays!  Once it’s all done, I’ll post the recipe – I just want to make sure it comes out well before I share how it was made.



My Ravelry Scarf Exchange Scarf is done and will be mailed tomorrow!

[It’s my favorite feather & fan on US6s with ArtYarns Regal Silk. Really lovely yarn, nice and drapey scarf.]

I started the vest for my stepfather (can I finish it in 10 days? We’ll see!).

I have a four day weekend!

I’m going to begin working on Lindsey & Ben’s wedding quilt tomorrow!

I’ve begun working on my non-knitting holiday presents too – there’s a very large pot filled with vodka, sugar, and coffee sitting in a cabinet under my kitchen counter! Dan and I are making home-made coffee liqueur for holiday gifts this year. I have some vanilla beans and bottles and labels coming, but for now? My giant soup pot is full of liquor.

When bloggers go bad.

Well, mostly, when bloggers continually forget to take pictures of their works in progress, I suppose.

That’s when they make bad mock-ups of stuff in Paint and share it with their readers.

Which color should I use?

Which color do you like better for this sweater? It’s Jess’ Gansey, available online but part of Interweave Knit’s Winter 2007 issue.

It looks like a fun sweater to knit.  On US2s, no less.  Oooh boy.

Guess what?  Dan’s Aran?  Too small.


Seam ripping and side gussets… here I come.

FO: Bye, Second Sock Syndrome!

Hair’s looking a little better.

I knit the first Elegant Gauntlet in less than a week. I immediately cast on for the second one, knit about four inches on it… and then put it aside. For two months. [Oddly enough, when I knit my first pair of Elegant Gauntlets back in2004, I did the same thing – finished the first one in less than a week, and then put the second one aside for nearly three months. This is why I don’t knit socks!]

Like my prop? That’s the roving Lindsey gave me in September! I found the other 2 ounces, spun it up, and plied it. I thought I might get a better picture if I had something to hold [like my face – see above]

This afternoon, I picked it back up again, and decided to finish it up. Except… I couldn’t find The Purl Stitch anywhere.

So I looked at the one I had already finished, I counted carefully, and I played it by ear.

And nothing exploded! I still had a thumb gusset and that oh-so-elegant degree of shaping (as Sally Melville says) that make them perfect.

See? Slightly awkward with nothing in my hands. But oh so lovely stripes! They don’t match up, but I’m not a match-y kind of girl, so it’s all OK.

The lowdown: This is less than two skeins of KnitPicks’ Felici sock yarn. The pattern is from The Purl Stitch by Sally Meville. I used US2 DPNs, and knit a size in between the two in the pattern (as the sizing is done by obtaining different gauges).

I love them. They’ll keep my hands warm, but free for train ticket and iPod fumbling on my commute.

In other news, Dan’s Aran is blocking!

Evidently, a pile of heavy worsted wool in seed stitch takes a long time to dry. I was hoping to seam it tonight, but it will have to dry til Monday.

And Grandma’s scarf continues.

Please excuse my foot.

Hair Dye: 1, Jessie: 0

I’ve been dying my hair shades of red for years. Some have looked better than others, but I’ve never really had a problem with the dye looking un-natural – in fact, people I’ve met since I starting dying my hair consistently think that it’s my natural hair color most of the time.

That is, until last night.

The good thing about having a lot of hand-knit hats...
my shot

All I can say is, thank goodness for my large selection of hand-knit hats. The ends of my hair, though a little redder than I’d like, aren’t the problem – but my roots? Clown hair red. Scary red.

[Pssst… here’s the Ravelry info for this hat, which I don’t think ever got a proper post on this blog… it’s my basic hat recipe, with some corrugated ribbing thrown in at the bottom and this Celtic chart, knit once up and then once down. The light green yarn is Cascade 220, and the darker one is some Paton’s Classic Merino Natural Marl I dyed with Wilton Cake Colors. I love it, and I adore knitting hats – one of my favorite projects – but I’m not a big hat person, so…]

I’ll fix it tonight, but till then…

I asked Dan to take a picture...
Dan’s shot. Though it’s the most true to color. And my giggling.

PS: Dan’s Aran?  The huge sweater I’ve been working on since April?  I finished the second sleeve.  IN TWO DAYS.  It took my three months to knit the first one.  All that’s left?  Seaming and finishing and blocking.  I MIGHT actually get this done by Christmas, and I’m really excited.

It’s all scarves, all the time.

Look! It’s scarf weather!  Scarves have emerged from the box in the closet and now I wear them everyday!  Lovely!

And I’m knitting more.

Not for myself.  These are my three current WIP scarves.

The basket of scarves.

Dan’s Harry-Potter-Inspired monster of a scarf – four skeins of Malabrigo, one US8 16″ circ, and a lot of stockinette.  I’ve been working on this since July (!), and I’m probably 60% done.  It’s a lot of stockinette.

The other is Grumperina’s Shifting Sands, for my grandma.  Lovely squishy soft Malabrigo.  I took it with me to work so I could work on it during my commute.  It actually only curls on the bottom, like in the photo – I think some gentle blocking and some fringe’ll fix that.

The third is a secret! It’s for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal.  It’s due on Dec 1.  Oops.  I’m almost half way done with it.  All will be revealed in time.

Sadly, while scarf mania ensues, other projects have fallen to the side of the road.

The projects that time forgot.

Don’t worry, Elegant Gauntlets, I’ll come back to you.  One day.

Planning ahead…


Though it does sound like a blast, no, I didn’t cook up two pounds of bacon, put them on a plate, get my spinning wheel out, and then kindly ask the boyfriend to feed it to me, slice by slice, as I spun, as to not get bacon grease on the wool. Though the more I think about it, the more I want to find that two ounces of wool that is hiding from me, cook up some bacon, and do just that…

Anyway, I finally had a low-key house-warming/themed get-together/poker night at my apartment last weekend – we called it The Earl of sandwich Poker Night, and laid out a huge spread of sandwich fixings, cleaned the apartment like there was no tomorrow, and played a round of poker. It was fabulous to have my friends in one spot, especially because my crazy schedule at work along with the fact that a certain couple moved to a certain Massachusetts city means I don’t see some people in my life as much as I should.

My Spinning Wheel

Is an Ashford Traditional with a double treadle.  I’ve had it since April? I think, though I just put the double treadle in a few months ago.  I’m still learning – if my schedule at work ever lets up, I’m considering taking a class.

Future Projects

I was exciting to see that the Knitty Fall Surprises had been posted! I was even more surprised that I actually want to knit two of them! [all pictures borrowed from Knitty for blogging purposes.]

The one I am dying to knit is Juno Regina, by Miriam Felton.

Juno Regina from Knitty Fall 2007

Now, I’m not a lace person. Sure, I can do it on a small scale. And it’s beautiful! But it frustrates me, and I don’t think my head was made to knit lace. But this stole makes me want to pick up 1000 yards of ridiculously thin yarn, needles under a US7, and give up six months of my life. I think it’s the simplicity of it, combined with the leaf motif. I’m a sucker for a leaf motif.

I also love the Oblique sweater by Veronik Avery.

Oblique Closed

I love the airy feel of it, though the yarn choice would still make it warm. I love the wrappy style it has going on and the off-center button band. Really pretty, probably flattering (love waist shaping!), and I already have yarn that I think would work for it. That’s a lot of pluses for one sweater. On the other hand, I kind of hate how it looks when it’s not buttoned…

Current Projects

Last night, I started the Shifting Sands scarf by Grumperina in some lovely Malabrigo Worsted (Pearl Grey is the color). I’m using US8s, and I cast on 37 stitches for the scarf (as the original pattern is written for sport-weight yarn, and I’m not allowed to knit scarves in anything less than worsted anymore, for my own sanity) – the stitch repeat is 5 stitches wide, plus a stitch on either end to slip, so it’s 7 repeats wide. I don’t like to slip the first stitch of every row, because my purl slips look different than my knit slips, so I slip the first AND the last stitch of every knit row, which creates a nice, neat edge.