Sometimes I spin too. And make bacon.

Singles on bobbin.

Lovely wool Lindsey sent me in a care package in September. She sent me 2 two ounce bumps, but somehow in moving the balls of roving from my yarn basket to the wheel, I’ve misplaced the other one. I’m still getting the hang of this spinning thing, so I aimed for a worsted weight yarn, and got it, for the most part. I think I’ll leave this as a single. Now, if I could only find the rest…

Handspun yarn + Wool Acrylic blend.

This is some superwash roving that I got from FatCatKnits. It was 8 oz of the roving – I don’t know the exact yardage I have here, but I plied half of it, and left the other half as singles. I must have lost steam or something. I love the colors of this so much – I don’t know what it will grow up to be yet, though. [Psst.. the other stuff in that basket is some Paton’s Shetland Chunky, a wool/acrylic blend. Any suggestions on what to do with three skeins?]

There was a house-warming party-get-together-thing at my apartment this weekend, which involved a lot of cleaning and organizing and yarn putting away. I put some skeins I really love in this basket Lindsey gave me a few years ago and called it a centerpiece.

Yarn Centerpiece.

Also, I made a large quantity of bacon.

Pile of bacon.

Because who doesn’t love bacon.


4 Responses

  1. Oh man, that bacon looks awesome. Just how I like it, nice and crispy!

  2. Wow! the whole post looks great! eating bacon adn spinning – it doesn’t get much better than that.

    I’m just learning to spin on a spindle, but am interested in wheels – what kind do you have?

  3. YOU POSTED! YAY! MMM yarn- the roving turned out soo pretty! You should make a bacon cozy with the Chunky yarn! MY BACON NEEDS A COZY! Or not– I want sausage.

  4. I regularly cook a pound of bacon in the summer because we love BLTs and the garden goes crazy for tomatoes… so what it your reason?

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