Planning ahead…


Though it does sound like a blast, no, I didn’t cook up two pounds of bacon, put them on a plate, get my spinning wheel out, and then kindly ask the boyfriend to feed it to me, slice by slice, as I spun, as to not get bacon grease on the wool. Though the more I think about it, the more I want to find that two ounces of wool that is hiding from me, cook up some bacon, and do just that…

Anyway, I finally had a low-key house-warming/themed get-together/poker night at my apartment last weekend – we called it The Earl of sandwich Poker Night, and laid out a huge spread of sandwich fixings, cleaned the apartment like there was no tomorrow, and played a round of poker. It was fabulous to have my friends in one spot, especially because my crazy schedule at work along with the fact that a certain couple moved to a certain Massachusetts city means I don’t see some people in my life as much as I should.

My Spinning Wheel

Is an Ashford Traditional with a double treadle.  I’ve had it since April? I think, though I just put the double treadle in a few months ago.  I’m still learning – if my schedule at work ever lets up, I’m considering taking a class.

Future Projects

I was exciting to see that the Knitty Fall Surprises had been posted! I was even more surprised that I actually want to knit two of them! [all pictures borrowed from Knitty for blogging purposes.]

The one I am dying to knit is Juno Regina, by Miriam Felton.

Juno Regina from Knitty Fall 2007

Now, I’m not a lace person. Sure, I can do it on a small scale. And it’s beautiful! But it frustrates me, and I don’t think my head was made to knit lace. But this stole makes me want to pick up 1000 yards of ridiculously thin yarn, needles under a US7, and give up six months of my life. I think it’s the simplicity of it, combined with the leaf motif. I’m a sucker for a leaf motif.

I also love the Oblique sweater by Veronik Avery.

Oblique Closed

I love the airy feel of it, though the yarn choice would still make it warm. I love the wrappy style it has going on and the off-center button band. Really pretty, probably flattering (love waist shaping!), and I already have yarn that I think would work for it. That’s a lot of pluses for one sweater. On the other hand, I kind of hate how it looks when it’s not buttoned…

Current Projects

Last night, I started the Shifting Sands scarf by Grumperina in some lovely Malabrigo Worsted (Pearl Grey is the color). I’m using US8s, and I cast on 37 stitches for the scarf (as the original pattern is written for sport-weight yarn, and I’m not allowed to knit scarves in anything less than worsted anymore, for my own sanity) – the stitch repeat is 5 stitches wide, plus a stitch on either end to slip, so it’s 7 repeats wide. I don’t like to slip the first stitch of every row, because my purl slips look different than my knit slips, so I slip the first AND the last stitch of every knit row, which creates a nice, neat edge.


6 Responses

  1. i immediately printed out the pattern for oblique…must…make…that…sweater!!!!!

    • There’s a secret about your post. ICTYHTIBTKY

    • Bueno…..pues suerte amigo aunque personalmente a mi el nuevo coordinador no me hace mucha gracia, digamos que “ha comenzado la carrera con mucha velocidad y es una carrea muy larga, y penosa, por lo que deberia haber comenzado algo mas despacio”.Asi y todo, deseo mucha suerte y triunfos a IU.Salud y republica

  2. I LOVE that sweater. OOh- A Massachusetts city? Sounds quaint! Very New England! Do you know it’s supposed to SNOW here on Friday- SNOW! Besides- our yarn stashes have grown to large to coexist in the same house! We would have no room for the guys!

  3. Wow, usually the surprises are some weird or ugly things, but that shawl is gorgeous! I’m addicted to lace knitting, so I may try that one.

  4. I missed the Knitty surprises – thanks for pointing them out. I’ve already printed the pattern for the sweater, and think I can fit the lace shawl into my knitting list soon!

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