It’s all scarves, all the time.

Look! It’s scarf weather!  Scarves have emerged from the box in the closet and now I wear them everyday!  Lovely!

And I’m knitting more.

Not for myself.  These are my three current WIP scarves.

The basket of scarves.

Dan’s Harry-Potter-Inspired monster of a scarf – four skeins of Malabrigo, one US8 16″ circ, and a lot of stockinette.  I’ve been working on this since July (!), and I’m probably 60% done.  It’s a lot of stockinette.

The other is Grumperina’s Shifting Sands, for my grandma.  Lovely squishy soft Malabrigo.  I took it with me to work so I could work on it during my commute.  It actually only curls on the bottom, like in the photo – I think some gentle blocking and some fringe’ll fix that.

The third is a secret! It’s for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal.  It’s due on Dec 1.  Oops.  I’m almost half way done with it.  All will be revealed in time.

Sadly, while scarf mania ensues, other projects have fallen to the side of the road.

The projects that time forgot.

Don’t worry, Elegant Gauntlets, I’ll come back to you.  One day.


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  1. Poor Elegant Gauntlets! Your shifting sands scarf looks gorgeous!!

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