FO: Bye, Second Sock Syndrome!

Hair’s looking a little better.

I knit the first Elegant Gauntlet in less than a week. I immediately cast on for the second one, knit about four inches on it… and then put it aside. For two months. [Oddly enough, when I knit my first pair of Elegant Gauntlets back in2004, I did the same thing – finished the first one in less than a week, and then put the second one aside for nearly three months. This is why I don’t knit socks!]

Like my prop? That’s the roving Lindsey gave me in September! I found the other 2 ounces, spun it up, and plied it. I thought I might get a better picture if I had something to hold [like my face – see above]

This afternoon, I picked it back up again, and decided to finish it up. Except… I couldn’t find The Purl Stitch anywhere.

So I looked at the one I had already finished, I counted carefully, and I played it by ear.

And nothing exploded! I still had a thumb gusset and that oh-so-elegant degree of shaping (as Sally Melville says) that make them perfect.

See? Slightly awkward with nothing in my hands. But oh so lovely stripes! They don’t match up, but I’m not a match-y kind of girl, so it’s all OK.

The lowdown: This is less than two skeins of KnitPicks’ Felici sock yarn. The pattern is from The Purl Stitch by Sally Meville. I used US2 DPNs, and knit a size in between the two in the pattern (as the sizing is done by obtaining different gauges).

I love them. They’ll keep my hands warm, but free for train ticket and iPod fumbling on my commute.

In other news, Dan’s Aran is blocking!

Evidently, a pile of heavy worsted wool in seed stitch takes a long time to dry. I was hoping to seam it tonight, but it will have to dry til Monday.

And Grandma’s scarf continues.

Please excuse my foot.


7 Responses

  1. 1. I love those gauntlets. LOVE.
    2. So. Much. Seed. Stitch. You are a saint! I seed stitch is my most hated of stitches (love the way it looks but HATE knitting it) so I would surely wither away if I had to knit that much of it! It looks fantastic though!

  2. LOVE THEM!!!!!! The gauntlets look fantastic!!!!

  3. I like your gauntlets. I like the colors you chose and how you put them together. I decided last night I would make a pair and your pair is similar to what I decided I would like to knit. It must be in the air.

    You did an amazing job on the aran. Gorgeous.

  4. Wow! Your gauntlets look great! Was your usual model not available, though? I love that yarn!! The sweater looks amazing! Dan will be so warm! I dyed my hair fire engine red once- but on purpose. It didn’t look that bad when I saw you! I’m sure it will be less crazy in a week.

  5. I have all the Sally Melville books that I look at a lot but have never made anything from them. Those gauntlets are awesome. I’ve seen that yarn in socks but it’s really cool for the gauntlets too. The aran looks like it’s going to be amazing!

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