When bloggers go bad.

Well, mostly, when bloggers continually forget to take pictures of their works in progress, I suppose.

That’s when they make bad mock-ups of stuff in Paint and share it with their readers.

Which color should I use?

Which color do you like better for this sweater? It’s Jess’ Gansey, available online but part of Interweave Knit’s Winter 2007 issue.

It looks like a fun sweater to knit.  On US2s, no less.  Oooh boy.

Guess what?  Dan’s Aran?  Too small.


Seam ripping and side gussets… here I come.


5 Responses

  1. I like the one on the right. It might be my monitor but the one on the left looks more blue & I am a big fan of kelly & grass greens. But I’m not the one wearing it! Both are lovely colors whichever you decide!

  2. Left, Left! Everything you own is that color on the right!! AND you could wear a green shirt underneath it without shame.

    I love the story of that sweater and how it evolved from the men’s sweaters, but took on its own form and colors.

    I got my interweave knits last night- I’ve been reading it non stop!

  3. I think I’d pick the one on the left – seems a little more blue but it might be a nice change.

    • I remember &#p1&0;8laying2#8222; Paul Revere one 4th of July many, many, MANY moons ago! What fun riding through camp at a canter yelling “the British are coming…the British are coming!” Good times and wonderful memories I will keep for a lifetime!

  4. This info is the cat’s paajmas!

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