My Ravelry Scarf Exchange Scarf is done and will be mailed tomorrow!

[It’s my favorite feather & fan on US6s with ArtYarns Regal Silk. Really lovely yarn, nice and drapey scarf.]

I started the vest for my stepfather (can I finish it in 10 days? We’ll see!).

I have a four day weekend!

I’m going to begin working on Lindsey & Ben’s wedding quilt tomorrow!

I’ve begun working on my non-knitting holiday presents too – there’s a very large pot filled with vodka, sugar, and coffee sitting in a cabinet under my kitchen counter! Dan and I are making home-made coffee liqueur for holiday gifts this year. I have some vanilla beans and bottles and labels coming, but for now? My giant soup pot is full of liquor.


4 Responses

  1. I love the way you packaged it. Very lovely. I love the look of feather and fan, myself.

  2. What a lovely label!! Wedding quilt! YAY! I have to start your Christmas present, but it’s hard because it’s unbloggable. Hrmm…

  3. Love the look and packaging of the scarf; very nicer touch!

    The presents sound fun to make! Can’t waiot to see that all packaged up too.

  4. Gorgeous scarf! Homemade hooch sounds intriguing – please photoblog the likker.

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