A sweater-vest in a week?

Can I do it?

Almost done with the back…

 [This is Filatura Lanarota Chaco that I bought at Rhinebeck (basically, good old fashion four ply worsted wool).  The pattern is the Classic Camel Vest from Men in Knits.  I’m knitting it at a slightly smaller gauge, 5.5 spi instead of 5 because I love the fabric I’m getting like that – on US6s]

Coffee Liqueur Update

 I got vanilla beans today, and halved them and put them in the pot, so it’ll get that lovely vanilla scent and flavor.  My fingers smell like vanilla now!

Here’s the huge batch of liqueur, sitting in my cabinet.  We’ll bottle it next week, and let it sit and mature till the holidays!  Once it’s all done, I’ll post the recipe – I just want to make sure it comes out well before I share how it was made.


3 Responses


  2. The sweater vest is looking great – what quick work.

    I can’t wait to hear how the home brew turns out.

  3. Coffee liqueur, cool! I’m venturing into the world of home roasted coffee beans, myself.

    Looking forward to the recipe and hearing how it came out.

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