Winter Knitty.

The Winter Knitty is up, as you probably know. At first glance, I didn’t love it. I really enjoyed the fall issue (Foliage! Juno Regina! Oblique! Cherie Amour! Entwined! to name a few). Five pairs of socks? Really? Two empire waist sweaters? Really?

I try to be positive about the patterns that are posted in Knitty, especially because it’s free, and I know everyone puts a lot of work into it, but Aoife? Seriously?

photo borrowed from 

It looks like it is way too big and boxy for the model, the yarn looks so heavy and dense for a shrug, and there’s so much fabric there! Not to mention the very visible seam at the center back neck – really? The concept – cool. The cable? Beautiful. The bell sleeves? Interesting. But the rest of the choices just make me sad – it would be lovely if it was a little fitted, knit in a drapey silk/wool blend.

Though I thought a few patterns were neat (I liked the Three Tams, and Square Cake is a great use for a single skein of expensive but lovely yarn), I really loved Jeanie.

photo borrowed from

I thought it was a beautiful piece that looked fun to knit and fun to wear.  Bonus: non-sock sock-yarn use!


5 Responses

  1. I know what you mean – I’m kind of ‘meh’ about it as well. I think those sleeves could be interesting on another sweater if the bell part was much shorter – maybe only 3-4 inches long.

  2. I don’t understand Aifoe either. The woman modeling it is creepy-looking, as well.

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally agree. The thing about Aifoe-if the designer and the model aren’t going to get it down right, then how well are the rest of us going to do with it? I probably won’t knit it as well as the designer did and I’m not shaped like a model so, that ones a pass. I also wonder about the 2 empire waist sweaters-abotanicity and dahlia, those aren’t that bad but they kind of follow a trend you see in stores a lot. I used to think of Knitty as kind of non-trendy so seeing sweaters that look similar to what’s being sold in the malls right now (empire waists, boleros) isn’t something I’m crazy about. I do like Ice Queen a whole lot though, very pretty.

  4. This is one of my least favorite issues ever! I can’t really complain about the free patterns, in general, though.

  5. Nothing really struck me either as a need to knit pattern–though this isn’t such a bad thing since my queue is already over 100 items long 😉

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