Help me in my hour of cable need.

I had my traveling project all ready to go: Amy Swenson’s Charisma Cable sweater, knit in good old 4-ply worsted weight wool I got at Rhinebeck at the Little Barn, $35 for a bag of ten (woohoo!). I knit the saddles waiting for the plane, and joined for the first panel waiting on the plane, and knit a good few inches last night.

All ready to go...
The orange cotton is waste yarn, and I don’t have a printer, so I copied down the charts and color coded them.

I was about four inches into the first panel this evening. Except.. I just didn’t like how the center cable was looking. If you look at the pattern, the cables kind of butt up against one another, and the idea of having them cross, of being one big cable instead of two next to one another really appealed to me.


Picture’s a bit shaky, but honestly, wouldn’t that pile of yarn in the middle make you shaky?

Two episodes of Veronica Mars, a lot of patience, and the dream of chocolate kept me going.

My hand is much steadier now. I added a cable cross in the center, where the cables “butt up” against one another. See those loose sections?

And now I can’t decide if I like it or not. Actually taking a photo and looking at it really helped. The reverse stockinette surrounding the cable is really loose – just the byproduct of going back and fixing the cable. I’ve tried to tighten the individual stitches on the reverse, but it left me with a lot of little loops, and the front still looking kind of straggly.

At this point, I was ready to rip it all out, and use something a little more complicated and a little less reverse stockinette driven, like a Saxon Braid cable. But all of that knitting! And I do like how the cable looks now with its center cross.

Your honest opinion – will an hour of meticulous stitch tightening and a good blocking save this cable? Or should I rip and re-adjust?


7 Responses

  1. I think I’d like it better with a Saxon Braid. However, I think the wonkiness will block out, so if you like this cable, keep it.

  2. You can save it! And I like the cable you made– I think the saxon braid cable might be a little crazy with everything else going on in the sweater.

  3. I’d block & tighten, but I am not that anal when it comes to my knitting and try to avoid ripping at ALL costs!

  4. I like the change you made to the cable at the center, and I agree that blocking and tightening will probably even out the tension thingy. But, if it’s going to drive you batty until 2010… it’s probably better to just go back and fix now before you’ve done the other side and a significant portion of the body.

  5. I would rip it and begin again. However, I am quite the perfectionist( for a dog,of course)

  6. I like the change you made in the center cables. The way they cross is inspired. I’d leave it and I think the looseness will block out. Be a shame to rip out that beautiful cable.

  7. […] Bad news: I gave up, and completely ripped out the sweater I was working on a few nights ago. And then I couldn’t decide what to do with it for two nights. Two whole knitting nights lost! Thank you for all of your advice (especially Indig […]

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