The weather outside is frightful…

Bad news: New Jersey is closed. Well, actually, the North East is closed. They don’t want me anymore. All flights from Chicago to the NYC area were cancelled today. So I’m in Chicago for another night.

Good news: I went from a room on the fourth floor to a room on the forty-ninth floor. Hello, view.

Good evening, Chicago. And how are you tonight?

Bad news: I gave up, and completely ripped out the sweater I was working on a few nights ago. And then I couldn’t decide what to do with it for two nights. Two whole knitting nights lost! Thank you for all of your advice!

Good news: I’m back on track this evening.

Mmm. Knitting, cookies, and Veronica Mars. I really know how to live it up in the city.

I started from the beginning. I reknit the saddles, using a different cable but made it the same length. I modified the cables for the front panel slightly. They now read, with nice two stitch purl ditches in between them: 10-st braid, 8-st horseshoe, 10-st braid, 2-st cable, center motif with a cross in the middle, 2-st cable, 10-st braid, 8-st horsehow, 10-st braid.


The inspiration is still all Amy Swenson’s Charisma Pullover (did I mention how much I love that sweater?) – I mostly played with the numbers and made the cables a little more fun for me to knit (like.. I prefer to knit left leaning cables. They’re easier for me to do without a cable needle). The 2-st cable that flanks the central design was added because I made a math mistake – for some reason, I thought the braid cables were going to be 12 sts, and then when I started knitting – I realized that I wanted them at 10. This left me with 8 extra sts, and I didn’t want to rip out and pick up stitches again (I’ve been doing that for days!). So.. with a 2 st purl ditch to go with each cable, my only option really became that 2-st cable. It was a happy mistake – I really like the frame it creates.


See that cross in the center of the cable motif? And the little two stitch cables?

Bad news: I miss New Jersey.
Good news: I get to go home tomorrow! That is, if the New Jersey opens again.


5 Responses

  1. Looks like the sweater will be beautiful! I love the way you modified the cable pattern.

  2. Beautiful! I wouldn’t want to be on the 4th floor, either.

  3. We still want you!!! Your sweater looks great and mmm pims!

  4. I still want you. I’m excited to see you tonight…it’s been a while. Sushi is waiting for you and if my breath was any more baited, it would entice Q to crawl into my mouth.

  5. Great view. I’ve been to that building. Will make watching the seasons in NYC very fun.

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