Cabled Progress, a Meme, and Happy New Year!

And it’s cloudy out and the sunshine is doing something funny.

And this is what happens to a beautifully cabled pullover.

Weird, huh? I feel like my camera’s messing with me.

Cabled close-up.

Anyway, the pullover is coming along remarkably well. A few nights ago, I cast on the underarm stitches and joined the whole thing to be worked in the round (you can see a bit of them in the top picture – they’re worked in seed stitch). Hurray for no more purling of wrong sides! Woohoo!

I like the density of the flanking cables, combined with the negative purl space of the center cable. I think it sets it off nicely.

It’s fun to knit, and easy to pick up and put down, so it’s been making a lot of progress.

Lindsey tagged me for a meme, and I’m not that into tagging people, but I will share 7 facts about me here, some random, some weird.

001. I can never remember how to spell “definitely,” and I usually mangle it so badly that spell-check won’t recognize it, so I when I plan to use it in a sentence in writing, I usually just take it out. No one misses it. It’s kind of an extraneous word.

002. I once ate an entire bottle of ketchup (with a platter of chicken fingers) at a diner when I was in high school. I really like it. Oddly enough, every guy I’ve ever dated has not liked ketchup.

003. Sometimes, it freaks me out how large a part of my life the color green has become.

004. I have very strong opinions about certain stuff, but I’m not the best debater and I don’t like to alienate people, so I don’t often share them. Like, I think any woman who does not consider herself a feminist should take a Women’s Study class or read read this and change their mind. I won’t get started on religion. [See? Look, I alienated you].

005. I had wanted to learn to knit for years before I actually learned, but couldn’t find anyone to teach me.

006. Before my fifteen birthday, I had been on a plane too many times to count. Since then, I’ve been on a plane four times. And one of those was two weeks ago.

007. I like to be very cold when I sleep. I have a fan in the bedroom I use year round. This drives my boyfriend a little crazy. It’s ok – he likes to sleep with the TV on, and this drives me a little crazy.

I’m heading up to Boston for the New Year, so you won’t hear from me till then. Have a safe and happy one!


6 Responses

  1. I can never spell definitely either! It’s a hard word! Your sweater looks amazing!! Boston! What a fun place to spend the new year!!!!

  2. I try to get you into discussions all of the time and you back out, saying you aren’t good at debating. You don’t have to be, and you can’t really alienate me, so let’s have a discussion later.

    Ketchup is undeniably disgusting.

  3. Thanks for the link to the feminist piece. Great reminder!

    Beautiful work on the sweater and have a great time in Boston!

  4. i LOVE that comic!

  5. […] has a soft buttery yellow – I have a peacock teal. You might recognize it as the yarn that was once almost a cabled pullover inspired by Indigirl’s Charisma cable […]

    • Emuna,You can't compare Azmi Bishara, a Christian traitor to the Jewish state, commenting on Judaism with Wafa Sultan, born and raised Muslim in a Muslim family in a Muslim country, commenting on Islam.Why would you call Sultan, who is brilliant and has a trlsdneoumey powerful personal story, a buffoon?

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