I wake up when it’s dark, I get home when it’s dark…

Wintertime is not the best time for knit bloggers who don’t want to resort to using their flash.

I keep on forgetting to take pictures during my window of sunlight: the ten minutes between when I am ready to go to work and when I leave for the train.

So we have one picture to show.

The stripes are Needful Yarns Joy [on US9s, 21 sts] and the pink is Misti Alpaca Chunky [two skeins on US10.5s, 17 sts cast on – a PERFECT length and so soft!]

This is the pile of Mistake Rib that has invaded my life. Mistake Rib has always been my favorite go to non-curling stitch pattern for scarves, and I just keep on casting on and knitting long skinny scarves [Oddly enough, Crazy Aunt Purl posted recently about her new found love for Mistake Rib, too] .

My basic Mistake Rib Pattern:

CO a multiple of 4 + 1.

Row 1: *K2, P2. Repeat from * to end of row, K1.

Repeat. Every single row. Forever.

I like to slip the first stitch of every row knit-wise, for a clean edge, but that’s not required. It looks vaguely rib like, but actually reads like this across, stitch by stitch:

Garter, Stockinette, Garter, Reverse Stockinette.

Dan thinks I should be working on his scarf instead of continuing to cast on orphan scarves that have no intended owner, but I just can’t stop.

So far I’ve finished one (the pink blob in that photo), and am 1 ball in to the 3 balls of Needful Yarns Joy that will be another. They’ll make their way into the plastic tub I like to call “Christmas in a Box” until late November when I’ll thank myself for getting this knitting done so early.

I was actually going to veer away from the Mistake Rib for the self-striping scarf, and was all ready to cast on Striped Wedges from Knitting New Scarves, which Lindsey gave me for Christmas. It’s knit lengthwise, and I thought it would be really neat looking with the long stripes of the Joy. Except the Joy is kind of oddly constructed – it has a core of a very lightweight, woven wool, surrounded by lofty soft fluffy poofy wool. When I was casting on, when I got to about stitch 50 or 60 of 150, I noticed that the lofty wool had completely separated from the core, and was all bunched up and broken and bad looking.

So if you’re knitting with Joy, or planning to, the long-tail cast on for anything more than 20 stitches? Total pain in the ass. I tried to use the knitted or cable cast on, but I’m just so slow with them as opposed to the long-tail, and I wanted to start knitting! So mistake rib it is.

[By the way? Knitting New Scarves is a kind of awesome book. It shows a lot of different structures of scarves, but not a lot of stitch patterns – they’re all basically ribbed or garter stitch. It’s cool because it’s all about the technique of construction. I have a few skeins of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton begging to be this Shawl Collar and Meandering Stripes! That is, if Dan doesn’t get mad at me for casting on yet another scarf…]

[And while we’re discussing knitting books, I have to recommend The Knitter’s Book of Yarn.  I know it’s been all over the knitting blogs recently (well, a few months ago), but I got it a little bit before Christmas and it totally lives up to the hype.  Not only does it have great information on the different fibers and stuff that go into yarn, but it goes into yarn weight! and construction! And includes super cute patterns!   I love the XOX Vest, HelloYarn’s mittens (both of them!), and the Scaruffle.  So not only is it an interesting reference book, but the patterns aren’t too shabby either.]


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