FO: Dan’s Scarf and non-knitting faux-knitting knitting bag.

I started this when Dan and I went to a double feature in July.  JULY.  I knit through both of the movies, made some progress, and then have slowly been whittling away at it since then.  It’s a lot of scarf.

Based on the Harry Potter Scarves, it’s just a giant tube knit on a 16″ US8 Circ.  Stripes are 22 stitches long, and I knotted them together when changing colors, and tucked them on the inside of the scarf.  One end is sewn together – the other had some three needle bind off action.

Dan wraps his scarf.

 I was planning to keep on going until I had used all of four skeins of Malabrigo (2 of each color – Blue Graphite & Verdes), but Dan got cold and I got anxious, so it’s more like 1.5 skeins of each color.  Long enough to wrap around his neck, and unbelievably soft and warm.  Thanks, Malabrigo and double thick worsted weight fabric.

Dan really likes it.  I’m happy with it, too, especially to get it off my needles!  This is not a pattern I will be repeating.

The Blue Graphite is a Malabrigo True Solid, so there was no pooling or subtle kettle dyed variations.  The Verde had some pretty cool pooling going on that Dan really liked, so I just let it do its thing.

I was eager to get working on Lindsey’s chuppah wedding quilt, but I moved last week and couldn’t find me self-healing mat anywhere.  Which meant I couldn’t start cutting the fabric, which means I couldn’t start piecing.  But I really wanted to sew something.

Lindsey sent me a bunch of suggestions, and I picked out this Shoulder Bag.  I jumped into my fabric stash, and went to work!

The lining is lime-green fabric printed with a stockinette pattern.  The outside is some fabric I bought three years ago that has been wanting to be a bag for awhile.  I used some lightweight interfacing I had laying around to help make it a little more sturdy, and added a button from my new button stash.

Overall, I’m happy with it.  The tutorial was really easy to follow, and the results are awesome.  It easily fits over me, and I think will be a perfect supplementary knitting bag (i.e., in addition to a purse – so not tangled keys with yarn, and no more trying to shove my knitting projects into my purse).

My cable knit sweater is sitting there right now – all ready for a train trip up to Boston tomorrow.

Bonus Picture! Finished Koolhaas in Mineral Red Malabrigo!


6 Responses

  1. i love my scarf! it’s so slytheriny! and ridiculously warm. thank you…i’m glad i guilted you into finishing it.

    also, i dig that bag, the 2 completely different fabrics are surprisingly good together.

  2. I love dan’s scarf, too!! And your hat!

  3. Great scarf! Love the hat – I think I’m finally have to give in and make one – yours looks so nice!

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  4. Hi, I’m a french woman called Jessy and saw you’re blog on justbento. I also love knitting and discovered you’re world: amazing! I didn’t know knitting blogs. Thanks

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