What does this yarn want to be?

I got a pile of Rich Chocolate Malabrigo Worsted through a swap.  I’m not a big brown person, so normally this isn’t a color I would buy, and I think I’m having trouble seeing past the color.  What does this want to be?   It’s eight skeins.  More than enough for a sweater!  Lovely Malabrigo sweater…

The periwinkle in the back is enough Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock to make Jeanie.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m currently studying to become a Celebrant, a trained ceremony expert and an ordained non-denominational minister.  My goal is to start my own business in the late Spring of 2008.  I will write and officiate original wedding ceremonies that reflect the beliefs, needs, values, cultural background, and personality of the couples.  I’m really excited!

For my graduation in May, we have been asked to bring a symbol that speaks to who we are as a Celebrant and as a person, something that is evocative of us and the journey we are about to embark on, as well as the path that has lead us here.  I am choosing to knit this shawl as a symbol of myself and my choice to become a Celebrant.  There’s a lot more to the choice, and I’ll write about that when I’ve finished the shawl.  But first I need to wind all of that yarn!

Oh, and if you are in New Jersey, and planning on getting married or know someone who is, and needs an officiant, let me know!  I’ll have a website up sometime in April with more information.


5 Responses

  1. Mmm, I think I’d make a really squooshy sweater with that, like Mr. Greenjeans, or something else equally cozy & casual.

    I also think that Jeanie will be a beautiful symbol of your celebrantship! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  2. Mr. Greenjeans is a good suggestion.

    Jenaie is a good idea for your shawl. I think the color is lovely.

  3. I loved making a girlified version of the Cobblestone sweater from IK out of the Malabrigo I had in my stash…it’s like a wonderful slightly-dressed up sweatshirt, I wear it all the time. So that’s my suggestion.

    Can’t wait to see Jeanie all knit up!

  4. I think brown on its own isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, but it can become lovely if you combine it with a different colour. I think it can look stunning next to Duck Egg blue, and another great combination is pink and brown. I think your periwinkle yarn looks stunning next to the yarn it’s sitting next to……. is that the brown you got in your swap? It’s just that on my computer screen it looks burnt orange.
    Congratulations on becoming a Celebrant!

  5. I think you’ll be surprised, that the brown yarn could become something beautiful. It could work really well with the green in your wardrobe. I’m thinking a loosely knit, very simple lace-ish, button-up, long sweater (mid calf perhaps?). It’d be gorgeous over a green shirt and would give you a little height and help accentuate the weight loss! It could really let the texture of the yarn shine through.

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