Sick Day.

1pm this afternoon.


024/365: Feb 27 2008

7pm this evening.


This is HARD!

But totally worth it. I almost (ALMOST) ripped it all out because it was looking funny a few rows in, but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s a knit I have to pay attention to, but fun. And beautiful! Dropping those first few stitches were a lot of fun.


8 Responses

  1. I love the colors you’re using! It’s very Easter-y and springlike.

  2. Don’t worry! It looks great!!

  3. I never get to knit on sick days. i end up looksing around the house and guiltily start cleaning the house. Feel better soon!

  4. That looks gorgeous. Hard knits are good and humbling. They keep us from getting big heads!

  5. I can’t believe JESSIE is exclaiming that a project is hard! The woman who flies through projects on a whim, ones that would give me heart palpitations. Remind me to stay far, far away from this pattern. And to revere the piece when it’s done!

  6. […] Bye, Jeanie. Posted on March 17, 2008 by jessie As you may remember, I decided to turn some lovely Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock into Jeanie. […]

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